Historian Says Trump Was “Born For This Moment”

President Trump has been doing his best to handle this unprecedented crisis.

While other leaders have crumbled, he’s stayed strong. He is providing solutions and relief, while maintaining optimism for the country.

But do you wonder how other presidents would have handled this situation?

I’m sure the media would claim Obama or Clinton would have done “better.” But a noted historian has evaluated this crisis.

And he’s weighing in on his expertise. His conclusion is surprising. Read more…


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AOC Throws Preschool Tantrum On House Floor

We’ve seen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez act like an uninformed, spoiled, and unprofessional child.

But believe us when we say this tantrum tops them all.

What AOC did even beats out the bizarre outburst from Rep. Stevens, as “craziest nonsense from the left.”

The socialist Democrat is apparently unhappy that Congress came together to help Americans.

The Senate managed to work together to pass a relief bill. What is AOC upset about?

The fact that large corporations (i.e.: companies that employ millions) are getting help. Read more…


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Hillary Jokes About Coronavirus in America

It’s obvious that Americans are worried about the coronavirus—but Hillary doesn’t seem to know that.

Based on the numbers, America currently has the most infections in the world (although China might not be totally honest about their numbers).

We don’t have the highest rates per capita. And the mortality rate in this country is much lower than others.

But Crooked Hillary thought this was a good chance to make a joke. Read more…


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Biden’s Claiming Trump Rejected COVID Tests

Joe Biden is trying to appear like a leader during this crisis, and oh boy, is he failing!

He even tried to host “shadow briefings”—as if anyone cares what he has to say.

It seems Joe is trying to undermine Trump’s leadership. I’m sorry, who has the country’s top doctors and experts working with him?

It’s not Biden, that’s for sure.

Even worse than what he’s said in the past, Biden is trying to mislead Americans about Trump’s response.

And even the fact-checkers are calling him out on it. Read more…


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Clyburn (D-SC) Admits Aid Bill Delay Gives Dems Special Powers

Many of you have been watching and waiting for Congress to get its act together.

They’ve been talking about putting together a bill to provide stimulus. All so Americans stuck at home aren’t left without a paycheck.

Sounds good. But then Pelosi jumped in with a bill packed with far-left goals. Goals very few people would support, under normal circumstances.

It’s almost criminal that Democrats would use this crisis to push their radical agenda. But that’s exactly what they are doing.

In fact, a top Democrat just admitted it. Read more…


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Bill Barr Begins Coronavirus Crackdown

Americans are all struggling with the ongoing crisis. But what is making the matter worse?

How some people are responding.

Some people are panicking-shopping (good luck using your year’s supply of toilet paper).But worse than that are a select few who are hoarding life-saving medical supplies.

Even in a time of crisis, there are those who want to take advantage. We are seeing it right now in D.C.

But there is the danger that private citizens will buy up things like face masks and other supplies. Their intent? To sell it back to people at inflated prices. Read more…


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Bernie Sanders Loses it Over Coronavirus

Oh, poor Bernie Sanders. It seems almost everyone has forgotten about him. That might be the best outcome for this “Democratic socialist.”

Not too long ago, he was leading the Democratic primary. Then the liberal establishment made sure Joe Biden would snatch up all the delegates.

Now it seems Bernie is facing a repeat of 2016, with the nomination robbed from him at the last second.

With the coronavirus hitting our nation hard, it seems the government might be dipping into a little bit of temporary “socialism” in the form of bailouts and checks.

Maybe Sanders could have used this as a chance to promote his agenda, right?

Nope! The man just melted down in front of reporters. WARNING: Bernie decided to use some colorful language. Read more…


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McConnell Turns Tables on Pelosi for Blocking Coronavirus Aid

Now is not the time for games—someone needs to tell the Democrats that.

Lead by Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republicans worked around the clock to craft a coronavirus bill. This package would provide relief to Americans and small businesses.

It was especially vital for businesses hurt due to a drop in business. Not to mention Americans who are forced to stay home, losing valuable work hours.

Even with five Republican senators in self-quarantine, they forged on with their plans. Time is of the essence, after all.

But what did Democrats do? They pounced on the situation to BLOCK the bill. Read more…


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Trump Gives Order to Bloated Government

America is in a tough time right now. Some have compared it to the WWII years. The last thing we need is our modern, over-stuffed, slow-moving government.

So, President Trump is cutting through red tape and government fat to help Americans. He is doing what he can to provide fast, reliable solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.

A life-saving treatment appears to be on the horizon.

And Trump just handed the FDA a new order to make it a reality.

From Daily Wire:

“I have directed the FDA to eliminate rules and bureaucracy so work can proceed rapidly, quickly and fast,” the president said…Read more…


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Trump Just Doubled Up On Coronavirus Help

With each passing day, the administration is enacting new measures of the coronavirus panic.

The uncertainty of this outbreak has hit our economy hard. Businesses don’t know when they can reopen.

And many employees, especially hourly workers, worry they might lose their job.

President Trump has already rolled out plans to protect small businesses during this time. But he’s taking extra steps to ensure families hit the hardest by this crisis are protected. Read more…