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Democrats Will Win at Any Cost

There’s a reason Democrats continuously combat Republican-led efforts to enact sensible voter ID laws while simultaneously pushing for noncitizens, felons and 16-year-olds to be able to vote.
It’s to win future elections — at any cost.

Take the left’s latest crusade to abolish the Electoral College that’s currently sweeping the country. On Tuesday, the Nevada Senate voted 12-8 to, if the measure is signed by its Democratic governor, become the 15th state — plus the District of Columbia — to elect future presidents via the popular vote. Prominent Democrats including Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and many other presidential hopefuls are advocating for future presidents to be elected via the popular vote, rather than the time-honored Electoral College enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Naturally, this explains why this growing chorus of Democrats wants minors and even felons voting while also supporting open borders and sanctuary cities, among a kaleidoscope of other head-scratching protections for illegal immigrants who brazenly violate U.S. Customs and Immigration laws. It’s to give left-leaning states with large populations an advantage while granting potentially millions of noncitizens the ability to vote Democrat in future elections.

The stark reality is the Democratic Party today prefers a broken immigration system, one that acts as a sieve for millions of undocumented people into our country — no matter the national security risk — in order to obtain those votes come Election Day and keep the Democrats in power. It doesn’t matter to power-hungry liberals whether sex traffickers, drug dealers or even ultra-violent MS-13 gang members are entering the country.

In their Machiavellian mindset, if scores of illegal immigrants vote Democrat — tipping future elections in their favor — they’re welcome in the U.S., no matter the collateral damage. Whatever it takes to win.

Take Massachusetts. Last month, two liberal district attorneys, Rachel Rollins and Marion Ryan, filed a federal lawsuit to block Immigration and Customs Agents (ICE) from entering Massachusetts state courthouses. This measure, if passed, would ban immigration officials from arresting illegal immigrants in the courthouses and deporting them. Note that on the very same day the reckless lawsuit was filed by these activist DAs, Bay State ICE agents arrested two dangerous gang members in two Suffolk County courthouses: an MS-13 gangster and a thug from a rival 18th Street gang — both illegal immigrants with long rap sheets, criminal records that include assault and battery, possession of dangerous weapons and more.

If the lefty district attorneys in Massachusetts get their way in the future, these types of ultra-dangerous gang members and other criminal noncitizens will be shielded from deportation — and free to do unimaginable harm in our local communities. Yes, not all illegal immigrants are violent or dangerous, but all it takes is one rapist, murderer or terrorist to inflict irreparable harm — something Angel Families who’ve lost loved ones to criminal illegals across the nation tragically know firsthand.

Meanwhile, elsewhere throughout the nation, so-called progressives continue to roll out the red carpet for illegal immigrants, with some states enacting measures to give noncitizens free health care, public housing, welfare benefits and other freebies on the backs of taxpayers.

Savvy voters ought to consider the motive behind these Democratic-driven measures.
Ultimately, it all comes down to votes and keeping the left in power.

Adriana Cohen is a syndicated columnist with the Boston Herald. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at



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Pro-Abortion Activist: Pro-Lifers “Deserve to be Shot”

According to footage obtained by the pro-life group Created Equal, an aggressive pro-abortion supporter argued that pro-lifers “deserve to be shot.” “When you’re standing between a patient and her doctor, they should get what they have coming to them.” In the midst of the fight over new abortion bans across the country, the pro-abort Left is becoming increasingly unhinged. Read more…

Here’s more from PJ Media…

At a pro-abortion “Stop the Bans” protest on Tuesday, an angry activist blocked a pro-life protester, accusing the pro-life side of violence and eventually saying pro-life activists “should be shot.”

The pro-life group Created Equal published footage of the confrontation in front of the Ohio statehouse on Wednesday. The “Stop the Bans” movement aims to protest the recent Alabama abortion bill, which mounts a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade (1973), the Supreme Court decision legalizing the killing of unborn babies.

“You guys are yelling and cussing at people, and calling us nasty names,” the pro-abortion activist said.

“We’re not doing that to you. And so forgive me when I laugh about it. I think it’s kind of funny,” the pro-life protester responded.


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Buttigieg: Protecting Innocent Babies is “Extremism”

Pete Buttigieg couldn’t resist the temptation to win over liberal 2020 voters by blaming conservative efforts to protect innocent life as “extreme.” “It is just one more example of the extremism in the modern Republican Party, and it’s our job on the Democratic side to show how all of these issues are linked,” Buttigieg told MSNBC on Tuesday. “The same place an attack on women’s reproductive rights are the same places it’s hard to get a living wage, same places you’re seeing voter suppression that seemed to be directed to communities of color.” Read more…

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Tuesday, MSNBC interviewed 2020 presidential hopeful South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) at a Washington D.C. protest against several state laws banning abortion.

Buttigieg said, “This is another example of an issue most Americans agree with Democrats. These legislatures adopted positions that most Americans would consider to be extreme. Most Americans believe in Roe versus Wade. Most Americans believe in women’s reproductive freedom. And the even when people have a different view or set of values around what that choice should be, most Americans believe it should be up to the woman to make that choice. So by pursuing a radical extreme agenda on these social issues, I think Republicans are doing the same thing when they have resisted a popular agenda on living wages or health care.”

“It is just one more example of the extremism in the modern Republican Party, and it’s our job on the Democratic side to show how all of these issues are linked,” he continued.



Study: President Trump Makes America Less Racist

According to a new study by two University of Pennsylvania sociologists, President Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office is marked with a measurable degree of less racism, despite their own expectations of finding a “normalization of prejudice.” The randomized survey of 2,500 respondents revealed anti-black prejudice “took a sharp dive” in 2016 after President Trump was elected, and the decline was evident among both Republican and Democratic voters. There was also a decrease in anti-Hispanic prejudice, though it was “more evident among Democrat voters.” Read more…

Here’s more from Breitbart…

A study shows that racism has measurably decreased during President Trump’s time in the Oval Office, reports the Spectator.

Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington, two University of Pennsylvania sociologists, have been conducting a running study that measures the racial attitudes of 2,500 randomly selected Americans since 2008.

In their most recent report, the academics admit they expected to see an increase in racist opinions among the group, stating, “Normalization of prejudice or opinion leadership both lead us to expect that expressed prejudice may have increased in this period, especially among Republicans or Trump supporters.”


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Sanders Pledges Pro-Abortion Justices For SCOTUS

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on NBC’s “Meet the Press” said he would defend Roe v. Wade if elected President by only nominating pro-abortion Supreme Court justices. “If you’re asking me would I ever appoint a Supreme Court justice who does not believe in defending Roe vs. Wade, who does not believe that a woman has the right to control her own body, I will never do that,” Sanders said. Similarly, in the wake of the new Alabama law defending life, Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) both told the media they would only support pro-abortion justices. Read more…

Here’s more from The Hill…

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) joined other 2020 Democratic hopefuls on Sunday in pledging to only nominate Supreme Court justices that support the Roe v. Wade decision protecting abortion rights.

“If you’re asking me would I ever appoint a Supreme Court justice who does not believe in defending Roe vs. Wade, who does not believe that a woman has the right to control her own body, I will never do that,” Sanders said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

He also condemned a new Alabama law that will ban abortion except when there is a threat to the mother’s life.

“What they did in Alabama was unbelievable,” he said. “The idea that women in this country should not be able to control their own bodies is beyond belief.”


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Trump Protecting Free Speech Online

President Trump is a man of his word.

He’s been demonstrating that character trait throughout his tenure on Pennsylvania Avenue by honoring the many promises he’s made to the American people — including his recent pledge to protect free speech, a fundamental right critical to a democracy.

On Wednesday, the White House launched an online platform where Americans can report if they believe they’re being wrongfully censored or discriminated against on social media networks and other online forums. This much-needed measure gives Americans an opportunity to share their experiences, which will provide the Trump administration and government officials with important information to combat the pervasive political bias taking place on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere, disproportionally affecting conservatives.

It’s well-known that social media companies — run by radical left-wing activists — are silencing conservatives en masse who do not violate their terms of service. This egregious discrimination and political censorship is un-American and violates our rights to free speech. It also impacts elections by giving members of one political party access to millions of voters during an election season where shaping public opinion can flip votes — while muting political rivals.

All Americans must pay attention to this important issue and combat shadow-banning and other forms of unjust censorship. Because if power brokers at Silicon Valley social media networks can silence conservatives to shape public discourse and assist candidates of their choosing — they can do the same to Democrats, independents, socialists and libertarians.

Take the 2016 presidential election. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said publicly she wanted Hillary Clinton “to win badly.” If Facebook today is suppressing conservative content and opinion on its platform — as many users report — how do we know the social media giant with tens of millions of users in the U.S. didn’t also shadow ban and/or censor supporters of Clinton’s primary opponent, Bernie Sanders, tilting the outcome of the Democratic primary?

Answer: We don’t. All the more reason the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice should be examining social media platforms’ practices surrounding free speech and censorship to protect the integrity of our democracy and electoral system.

It’s common throughout the nation for many political races to come down to just a few thousand votes between opposing candidates — or at times, even less. Now consider if one political candidate’s posts and tweets were being blocked online — where most Americans get their news. Clearly, that could impact the outcome of an election, especially if many of the candidate’s supporters were also censored and/or shadow-banned online.
All the more reason Democrats should be watching this issue closely and defending conservatives’ rights to free speech, as they could also be victims of similar censorship and discrimination, both now and in the future.

If social media giants and the powerful folks at Google and other Silicon Valley tech companies are putting their thumb on the scale using algorithms, politically biased human content monitors and other opaque methods to influence political discourse today — and, ultimately, U.S. elections — it’s only a matter of time before Democrats are also caught in their censorship trap.

In America today, there are 22 Democratic candidates running for president. If the powerful folks in Silicon Valley — with access to over a billion people online — prefer one candidate over the other, will they abuse their power by muting rivals?

Conservatives already know Twitter, Facebook and other networks are suppressing their beliefs, opinions and ideologies that run counter to their rigid, politically correct liberal orthodoxy. The big question is are Democrats and other Americans also being affected?

The White House’s latest questionnaire addressing censorship and political bias online is a step in the right direction of getting to the bottom of it.
Something all freedom loving Americans should applaud.

Adriana Cohen is a syndicated columnist with the Boston Herald. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at



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Biden Compares Illegal Immigrants to His Irish Ancestors

Joe Biden is on the campaign trail now boldly declaring that illegal immigrants abusing America’s generous immigration policies are just like his Irish ancestors fleeing the potato famine. Those ancestors were “[like] somebody coming in Guadalajara today saying, ‘You know, I got a great idea family, let’s sell everything we have give it to a coyote take it across the border drop us in the desert, place that doesn’t want us, won’t that be fun?'” He then went on to describe the illegal immigrants overwhelming the U.S.-Mexico border as the “best” of Central American countries. Read more…

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Vice President Joe Biden defended Central American migrants taking advantage of asylum loopholes in the immigration laws, comparing them to his own ancestors leaving Ireland for the United States during the potato famine.

“One of the reasons we are the nation we are is because we’ve been able to cherry pick the best of every culture in the world,” Biden said, pointing to the American immigration system.

Biden commented on immigration during a campaign event in Nashua, New Hampshire on Tuesday.

That’s why we are who we are, think about it, whether it was my great-great grandfather getting on a coffin ship up in the Irish Sea to come here in the middle of famine or somebody coming in Guadalajara today saying, ‘You know, I got a great idea family, let’s sell everything we have give it to a coyote take it across the border drop us in the desert, place that doesn’t want us, won’t that be fun?’


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Alabama Senate Passes “Human Life Protection Act” Banning Almost All Abortions

The Alabama State Senate just passed House Bill 314, the “Human Life Protection Act” banning all abortions except when the mother’s life is in jeopardy. There are no exceptions for abortions in the case of rape and incest. The bill now moves to the desk of Republican governor Kay Ivey. The ACLU is already blasting the bill: “We will not stand by while politicians endanger the lives of women and doctors for political gain. Know this, Governor Ivey: If you sign this dangerous bill into law, we will see you in Court.” Read more…

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

On Tuesday evening, the Alabama State Senate passed House Bill 314, the “Human Life Protection Act,” which bans all abortions except if the mother’s life is in danger. No exceptions are made for pregnancies caused by rape or incest.

If Republican governor Kay Ivey signs the bill, which passed in a vote of 25 to 6 and had already passed in the Alabama House, it will become law. Before the vote was taken, Alabama Sen. Clyde Chambliss opened the debate by saying, “When is a person a person? When does a life become a life? I believe that if we terminate the life of an unborn child, we are putting ourselves in God’s place.” Proponents of the bill hope to challenge Roe v. Wade with the bill.

The bill states that “a woman who receives an abortion will not be held criminally culpable or civilly liable for receiving the abortion.”



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AOC Joins Bernie to Undermine Joe Biden

Vermont Socialist and 2020 presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) may have found his running mate: fellow socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who joined him on stage Monday evening to get college kids hopped up on climate alarmism. During the rally, Sanders even called for a “political revolution” as the only way to “take on an industry with unlimited wealth, unlimited power, and unlimited resources.” Last Friday AOC slammed “middle ground” climate change plans, such as those offered by former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign. Democrats may soon be so embroiled in in-fighting that nothing will be left of them in 2020. Read more…

Here’s more from The Hill…

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was in familiar territory Monday evening, speaking to a college auditorium of liberal-leaning students and young voters.

The 2020 presidential candidate joined progressive darling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to preach the benefits of the ambitious Green New Deal climate plan, at a time when climate change is rising to prominence as a top issue for Democratic voters.

“How do we take on an industry with unlimited wealth, unlimited power and unlimited resources?” Sanders said of the fossil fuel industry. “We need a political revolution.”

Speaking at Howard University, a historic African American college just a mile from the U.S. Capitol Building, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez praised the tenets of the climate action plan that in part aims to transition the U.S. economy to a 100 percent renewable energy grid by 2030 and create green jobs in the process.


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AOC Backtrack: “World Ending in 12 Years”

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claimed the world would end in 12 years due to climate change (unless we ended it sooner with her Green New Deal), she was dead serious but now not so much. After the backlash, she claims her totally serious doomsday prediction was “dry humor.” AOC tweeted: “This is a technique of the GOP, to take dry humor + sarcasm literally and ‘fact check’ it.” Like the “world ending in 12 years” thing. Read more…

Here’s more from American Thinker…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finally understands that her claim that we have only 12 years to save the world from global warming disaster was a ridiculous statement. Having been mocked by her many enemies, and unable to defend the absurdity, she is actually digging a deeper hole for herself, trying to maintain the self-righteousness that seems to power her drive for political power.

In a tweet Sunday morning, she implausibly claimed that the 12 years ’til doom prediction was “dry humor” and that the GOP is too stupid to grasp her wittiness: