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Abortion Advocate: “Fetal Tissue is Not a Person”

The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti annihilated abortion advocate Danielle Campoamor’s Twitter remarks that “fetal tissue is not a person” with her own miscarriage story and remarks of how dead “fetal tissue” does not have 150 bpm heart rates. Campomor, notorious for her antilife rhetoric, ultimately backed herself into a corner where basic biology trumped her argument that a baby does not count as a baby unless the mother wants it. Zanotti explained that “remedial eighth grade sex Ed” might address the blatant and willful misunderstanding of the facts of conception. Read more…

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

An abortion advocate who serves as a senior editor at Romper and columnist for Bustle decided to weigh in once more on the issue on Twitter, insisting “fetal tissue is not a person,” prompting a response from The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti that slammed her for her cavalier disregard for the sanctity of human life.

The tweet looked like this:

Two days prior to that tweet, Campoamor had tweeted her love for abortion providers: “Ppl who provide abortions are the kindest, most passionate, & hilarious ppl you’ll ever meet. Talking to abortion providers is always the highlight of my day & reason #466,875 why I love my job & it’s just not said enough: they’re the best ppl on earth. #iloveabortionproviders.”

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