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Amazon Dumps Anti-Islamization Category, Cites “Quality Assurance”

For two years, Amazon hosted on its platform the film “Killing Europe,” which focused on the dangers of mass immigration to Europe by Muslims but not anymore. According to the film’s director, Michael Hansen, Amazon cited “customer content quality expectations” but has not responded to repeated requests for details on what specific content triggered the film’s removal. “What I fear is that here in the U.S. you’re starting to see the beginnings of the same thing,” Hanson said. “If you’re conservative nowadays, you gotta run a gauntlet between these armed thugs. If you’re not careful here in the United States, you’re going to lose that public space. It’s happening rapidly.” Read more…

Here’s more from WND…

Amazon removed a documentary from its Prime Video service on the subject of Islam and mass immigration in Europe, citing “quality assurance” concerns.

The film by Michael Hansen, “Killing Europe,” had been hosted on the platform since 2017 without issue, reported Breitbart News.

The censorship came shortly after Breitbart did a story about another Hansen documentary, “Killing Free Speech,” which addresses the rise of Antifa and Big Tech censorship in the United States.

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