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Schiff’s Whistleblower Caught Making Money Off Impeachment

It seems like the whistleblower is trying to profit off his complaint-but it might be blowing up in his face.

The so-called whistleblower claims he outed Trump (over a simple phone call) because he wanted to protect American. M-hm I’m sure you’re buying that!

Forgive us for being skeptical, after we found out this guy met with Schiff and other Democrats long before his complaint came out.

He even worked with Joe Biden in the past and is being represented by Clinton lawyers. But, no, he’s a red-blooded patriot! Read more…


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Trump Brakes Record by Appointing More Judges in 3 Years

While Democrats get worked up about impeachment, they’re missing the massive changes Trump is making to our government. Change they can’t stop.

President Trump is rocking our stock market and economy. During his time in office, the stock market set ONE HUNDRED new records. Unemployment is at all-time lows.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. His biggest achievement might be in the judiciary.

Because, in just three years, he and the GOP have transformed the judiciary more than any president in the latest forty years. Read more…


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Trump Republicans Propose Route 66 Bill

In the midst of the impeachment insanity, it’s nice to have some good news, isn’t it?

Every day, we hear people attacking and insulting our Commander-in-Chief. It’s like there’s zero respect for the office of the President.

From Democrats to Hollywood celebrities, it’s apparently “trendy” to trash the leader of the free world.

But lawmakers in Oklahoma still have that respect for #45.

In fact, they’re so proud of their current President that they’ve written up a very patriotic bill. Read more…


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Schiff’s Witness May Have Given False Testimony

Democrats kept many testimonies secret, behind closed doors. Just to keep the plain facts from reaching the American public.

But there was another reason Schiff kept these meetings secret. Seems like some of their “hot” witnesses aren’t as reliable as they appeared.

In fact, it looks like some of these witnesses may have been “coached” by the very people conducting these inquiries.

One – an Obama – appointed staffer-claims she didn’t. But the facts are putting her in hot water. Read more…


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Turns Out Whistleblower Worked Closely With Dossier Official

How dirty do Schiff and his whistleblower look now?

The so-called man that started this impeachment hoax has already been outed as s Democrat. We know he worked with Joe Biden, while Hunter was getting rich.

We know his lawyers are Clinton cronies.

But even as Schiff and Democrats stay tight-lipped about his identity, the leaks are coming out fast and furious.

Many suspect the whistleblower’s name is already out there. And if it’s true, it’s a doozy. Read more…


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Jim Jordan is Coming For Adam Schiff

From day one, Americans have had to sit back and watch the Democrats turn impeachment into a game.

But Jim Jordan has been fighting like a bulldog to hold wild Adam Schiff accountable.

He’s been calling out Schiff’s shifty moves-and the total lack of transparency from the House Intelligence Committee.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to do much to confront Schiff directly, until now.

Word is that Republicans are putting together an unusual plan put Jordan dead center in Schiff’s path. Read more…


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Jim Jordan and Donald Trump Join Forces

The left’s impeachment push was all started by a so-called whistleblower’s complaint.

To date, we don’t even know who this guy is. His original complaint was riddled with errors shown to be wrong by the transcript.

Yet Democrats continue this charade, all the while keeping this person’s identity a secret.

It seems that now, Democrats want to throw this person away-since he doesn’t seem useful anymore. Read more…


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Schiff’s Impeachment Witness Turns on Him

For over a month, Rep. Adam Schiff has been conducting closed-door meetings to find dirt on the president.

But it seems like he should pick his witnesses more carefully. Because a man that was supposed to “blow the doors” off of Trump’s case just handed the president the win.

Even with Schiff’s refusal to share these hearings to the public, the most important details are still coming out.

Like how nobody questioned has provided proof that Trump did anything wrong during his call with Ukraine. Read more…


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New Joe Biden Super PAC Being Run by a Foreign Agent

Right now, the Democrats are pushing impeachment against Donald Trump. They are holding secret meetings-claiming that Trump conspired with a foreign power.

Yet they’ve turned a blind eye when Joe Biden bragged about doing much worse. We all know that when he was VP, Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion of aid to Ukraine.

All so they could fire a prosecutor. Oh, and that prosecutor had been investigating a company Biden’s son worked for.

No problems there… (Right? wink!)

Now, as Biden fights to get the Democratic nomination for president, just got a new Super PAC. Read more…


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Lindsey Graham is Stopping Impeachment in its Tracks

Democrats seem to be getting cocky over Pelosi’s loaded “impeachment resolution.” It’s not a real impeachment, but they’ll make it look as official as possible for the media.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, however, is making them reel.

It’s obvious Pelosi and Schiff are trying to drum up dirt to make Trump look guilty. Perhaps they even believe that softies like Mitt Romney and other Republicans will go along and oust the president.

But Lion Lindsey Graham just dropped a hammer on their scheme. Read more…