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Eastern Oregon Begs to Secede From Democrats

Millions of residents have been packing up and leaving liberal states like New York and California.

It’s hard to blame them. Many think the far-left politics of these states’ leaders make it very difficult to live there.

Many businesses struggle to make a profit. And residents have to deal with rising homelessness and less safety-results, we think, of Democrat legislation.

But some people don’t want to leave their homesteads over politics. So, a group of Oregon residents has another idea. Read more…


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Bloomberg’s 2020 Plans Slip Out on Buying Off ‘Mercenary’ Lawyers

Mini Mike Bloomberg is buying his way into the Democratic primaries. But plenty of Americans know nothing about him.

He was a one-time Republican when he ran for mayor of New York. After he left office, he returned to being a Democrat.

His biggest policy people know about is sweeping gun control-but what else is he up to?

Looks like the billionaire has been spending big bucks for a mega liberal cause. Read more…


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Watchdog Group Sideswipes Democrat Madeleine Dean

Democrats often complain about too much money in politics. They say we need to use tax dollars to fund campaigns, instead of private contributions.

Terrible idea. I don’t want my money being used to help Democrats air attack ads.

Yet despite all their talk, Democrats are the ones apparently misusing campaign funds.

Recently, we learned about ethics complaints filed against three Democrats in Congress. Read more…


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Virginia Democrats are Going Crazy to Stop Trump

Democrats in VA are going way off the rails. It seems they consider California to be their role model for every last policy.

The Virginia House of Delegates was up past midnight pushing through radical legislation. They backed gun control, more casinos, higher minimum wages, and much more.

And now many conservatives think they are using their majority to try to steal 2020 from President Trump.

They are backing a movement that would essentially rob Virginia of its voting power, giving more power to big liberal states like New York and California. Read more…


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Nunes Claims America Will Soon Learn What Mueller Was Up to

Americans, above all else, demand truth and justice from our leaders.

But the sad reality is, the swamp has infiltrated even the Justice Department. President Trump fired his FBI director, James Comey.

We’ve only recently learned about some of the questionable things the man was up to.

It was said Robert Mueller and his gang of Democrats were trying to set up the president. If they were, then fortunately they found nothing that could remove Trump. Read more…



Biden Makes a Fool of Himself Again

Joe Biden is quickly becoming a footnote in this 2020 race. He finished in 4th in Iowa. And he just finished 5th in New Hampshire.

This was their frontrunner. Not good, Joe, not good.

Remember when the media said Joe was the most “electable” candidate in the group?

The party threw their weight behind him because they thought he was the only one that could beat Trump.

(Some even say they impeached Trump just to protect Joe’s reputation.)

Maybe that convinced Joe he didn’t have to put in the hard work campaigning in these early states. His campaign says he can make it back in South Carolina and Nevada. Read more…


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Trump Double-Beats Obama in New Hampshire

Yes, President Trump is the incumbent, but he’s not taking anything for granted. The 2020 race is make-or-break for the country.

And the president is treating the primaries as seriously as he should, even though none of his GOP challengers have a chance against him.

The media is trying to put as much attention on the Democratic primaries as possible. As if that’s the only race that matters.

President Trump doesn’t agree. He’s sent top members of his team to Iowa and New Hampshire. He hosted major rallies in both states. Read more…



First New Hampshire Vote Throws Dems For a Loop

Man, the Democratic race is getting crazier by the day.

Most people could see trouble brewing for months, when no clear frontrunner could break out of the pack.

You can imagine how many Democrat voters feel, looking at this lineup. Can a single one of them beat Donald Trump?

Iowa was a mess, still uncertain (if you ask the campaigns). The media is putting all their focus on New Hampshire. This will right the ship and help focus the party, they claim. Read more…


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Democrats Call to Tell Pelosi They Will Never Vote For Her Party Again

We still don’t understand why Nancy Pelosi would tear up Trump’s speech on live television.

Maybe she wanted to outrage Republicans? It’s clear she’s not all too concerned with what they think of her.

But perhaps it was a stunt to fire up her base? Maybe she thought she could get her own party riled up to vote against Trump this fall.

If that’s the case, it definitely backfired. Read more…


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Trump Tops Off Best Week Ever By Exceeding Jobs Expectations

President Trump’s week couldn’t get any better, right?

Many people on both sides are saying this is the best week of his presidency. It could be a sign of things to come in the 2020 race.

Trump won in Iowa as the Democrats collapsed. He inspired millions with his State of the Union address. The Senate acquitted him of impeachment.

Even Nancy Pelosi is losing it, ripping up speeches, snapping at reporters and turning off American voters. Read more…