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Trump Fights Back On Obama-Era Rules

The United States is beloved around the world for our freedom. Unless, of course, you are on public school grounds.

Thanks to President Obama, new policies clamped down on the religious freedom of students and teachers.

We saw it happen again and again. Students and organizations were pressured over something as simple as a prayer during a football game.

The good news is, Obama is president no more. And Donald Trump has rolled back yet another freedom-killing policy from the Obama-era. Read more…


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Virginia Sheriff Gets Standing Ovation for Defending 2nd Amendment

We’ve extensively covered the state of Virginia’s attack on the Second Amendment.

Gov. Ralph “Black-face” Northam got a Democrat-controlled government. With this advantage, he’s pushing some of the strictest gun control laws east of San Francisco.

Some of the more outrageous goals is a plan for a gun confiscation program. This could give the government power to take a person’s firearms, even if they didn’t commit a crime.

That looks like a clear violation of an American’s Second Amendment rights.

To empower this kind of thing, Northam is hoping the state’s sheriffs will comply. He will need every last cop doing his bidding to make his gun-free state a reality. Read more…


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President Trump Hires “Star” Impeachment Team

Do Democrats think they have a slam-dunk case against Trump? They do if you ask the mainstream media.

But Americans have long ago turned on their bogus impeachment scheme. Few are willing to believe that their case holds any water.

It seems that even their own people are turning on the Democrats. Their impeachment vote in the House was wildly partisan-for yea.

Yet three Democrats refused to vote for impeachment. In fact, one of them was so disgusted, he left the party. Read more…


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Trump Cracks Down On Border Crisis

Donald Trump wants to protect America.

He absolutely does support legal immigration, but he doesn’t want foreigners coming here illegally.

It’s that simple. And to combat illegal occupants in the U.S., Trump has made another bold move.

As you may already know, many freshly deported individuals just get dumped back over the border.

This makes it easy for them to just turn around and sneak back in. Read more…


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Pelosi’s Impeachment Tanks 2020 Candidates

I’m not sure who is advising Pelosi, but they should be fired.

Nance thought she was smart by delaying the impeachment articles. She thought she could force the Senate to bend to her demands.

It failed, which means the Senate will hold a trial soon.

But, wait a minute! That means if senators want to vote on this “urgent” matter, they have to rush over to D.C. and attend to McConnell’s hearing.

Hmm… that means this impeachment thing is going to hurt the Democrats, not Republicans. Read more…


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Evidence Shows Hillary Had Classified Material Printed By Her Maid

Wow-Hillary Clinton must think she can get away with anything.

So far she has skirted disaster thanks to the deep state. They buried anything that she did during the Obama administration that would have led to prosecution.

(We all remember how former FBI head James Comey dismissed the case against her, while at the same time admitting she broke the law.)

Despite that, more and more evidence of wrongdoing keeps coming out. The woman just can’t shy away from trouble. Read more…


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Nancy Pelosi is in Impeachment Trouble

It looks like everyone in America has lost patience with Nancy Pelosi.

She pushed her House Democrats into impeaching Trump with little to no evidence of wrongdoing. Most Americans don’t believe he came close to committing “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

But after all that, Pelosi is sitting on the articles, refusing to send them to the Senate.

It seems like she wants to brand Trump guilty, without even a trial. How crooked is that?

Even Senate Democrats are losing it. Numerous senators have been calling to Pelosi to send the articles over immediately. Still, she ignores. Read more…


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Joe Caught On Camera Smelling Another Girl’s Hair

Joe Biden just might be the worst Democrat frontrunner in U.S. history.

He can’t even get the endorsement of his old boss, Barry Obama. That’s pretty bad, to say the least.

It gets worse from there. His policies are terrible. His gaffes just don’t stop. On top of that, the man just can’t keep his hands to himself.

Democrats keep forgiving him, giving him more chances. I guess they think he’s their only hope.

But they might not be so forgiving this time. Read more…


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Lindsey Graham Drops Deadline On Pelosi

Sen. Lindsey Graham is fed up with Nancy Pelosi’s games.

He is a staunch ally of the president and a strong supporter of our laws. So you can imagine how upset he is to see the Democrats making a mockery of the Constitution and our government.

Pelosi is demanding that the Senate hold a “fair” trial (one where they do whatever she tells them to do). But at the same time, she refuses to obey the law and send over the articles of impeachment.

Graham has had enough. The Senate must carry out their duty and end this impeachment sham. He’s giving Pelosi a deadline. Read more…