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Booker Proposes $3 Trillion Climate Justice Plan

Democratic presidential wannabe Senator Cory Booker (NJ) just presented a “deal” to combat global warming, and it’ll only cost $3 trillion from taxpayers over the next ten years. According to Fox News, the plan includes getting the U.S. back in the Paris Climate Agreement, shutting down approved pipelines, and requiring passenger vehicles to have zero emissions by 2030. As an added bonus, Booker’s plan also proposes to tackle economic inequality, with $50 billion a year set aside for an “Environmental Justice Fund.” Granted it’s only a “bargain” compared with Bernie’s $16 trillion and AOC’s $30 trillion Green New Deal plans to give America’s money to the Third World in exchange for nothing. Read more…

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Cory Booker is proposing to spend $3 trillion over the next 10 years to combat climate change and economic inequality.

I don’t know whether to cheer or throw my coffee mug through the monitor.

Compared to Bernie’s $17-trillion and AOC’s $30-trillion Green New Deal, Booker’s proposal is an absolute bargain. But in addition to being a Warrior for Gaia, Booker wants to set up an “Environmental Justice Fund” to fix the problem of income inequality.

I know, I know… what does economic inequality have to do with climate change? Well, nothing. Nothing at all.

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