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Canadians Boycott American Food Products

In an ironic twist, Canadians attempting to boycott American-made foods are facing a dilemma: A LOT of Canadian food products are made in America. This is resulting in quite an epiphany for the #TradeWarriors to our north who are determined to play petty politics rather than rationalize a deal with President Trump. The unfortunate boycott attempt is part of an effort to retaliate against new tariffs levied on Canadian steel and certain other exports to the U.S. What may end up being a principled victory for Canada could, in the end, result in higher costs for food imported from other countries and in the black market trade.

Here’s more from Hot Air…

A funny thing happened along the way as Canadians decided to start a boycott against American-made groceries. It turns out that so many Canadian food products are made in America that consumers don’t even realize how much is actually coming from their neighbors to the south.

A perceived one-two punch to Canadians delivered from the Trump administration has the “Canada-nice” reputation in jeopardy. The usually easy-going Canadians are downright angry about the tariffs levied on Canadian steel and other products. Then, adding insult to injury, President Trump mocked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as “very dishonest and weak” at the G-7 summit in his own country.

A hashtag-worthy movement began as Canadians began calling for consumers to #BuyCanadian, #BoycottUSProducts, and #BoycottUSA.

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