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CNN Turns On Impeachment Nadler

Jerry never thought they would dare – they left him speechless!

According to most polls, Americans are getting tired of impeachment. Ask anyone you know (who’s not a far-left Democrat) and they’ll tell you the same.

On top of that, support for President Trump is rising. At the same time, impeachment-loving Democrats are quickly losing support. That includes many independent voters, people they cannot lose.

But what’s really remarkable is that, during a recent interview, a CNN reporter actually tried to hold Nadler accountable.

Shocking, I know, but miracles can happen! Read more…


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While Nadler Pushes For Impeachment Trump’s Ratings Soar

Jerry thought impeachment was a slam-dunk – now he’s triggered!

Nancy Pelosi announced, after months of bogus hearings, that the House Democrats will move forward with their impeachment vote.

It didn’t work out for them, according to polls came out the same day.

Then word swirled that they may delay the vote until 2020. Some are even worried that plenty of Democrats in the House won’t vote for impeachment. Pelosi needed time to twist all their arms.

But Jerry Nadler stepped in and put his foot on the accelerator. Now, they’re talking about holding a vote to impeach President Trump as early as next week. Read more…


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Pennsylvania House Democrat Charged With Taking Charity Funds

She skimmed Social Security for luxury purchases – and she just took a big fall!

Look at this! Another Democrat caught taking from the poor and defenseless.

Of course, this story is being ignored by the mainstream media. So we are, yet again, doing their job for them.

This account just might be the worst we’ve seen yet. A Democrat set up a charity to help-get this-the mentally ill, substance abusers, and those with other disabilities.

Those are some of the most vulnerable in our society. People who deserve care and respect. Read more…


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Schiff’s New Whistleblower Connection Falls Out

Adam thought it was buried deep – he can’t hide it now!

Do you think the bombshells about Schiff’s dirty dealings are done? Looks like they’re just getting started.

Adam Schiff has made it clear that he’s going to push forward with his impeachment crusade.

Even after his hearings were a dud. Even as public support drops. Even as few are convinced there is any evidence to back his claims.

The man claims to be unbiased, but he tried to distort the call between Trump and Ukraine with his “parody.” He lied about his interactions with the “whistleblower.” Read more…


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Trump Executes Food Stamp Maneuver Saving Americans Billions

Democrats didn’t think he’d go this far – so of course Donald did!

President Trump is quickly dismantling the left’s socialist dream, and they’re panicking.

What do the Democrats want? An American people controlled by the government.

They claim it’s to help those less fortunate. And who can argue over programs that provide food, clothing, housing, and even medical care?

But what they don’t say is that all their “free” programs are far from it. Government-funded handouts end up cost hard-working Americans big time. Read more…


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Video Surfaces Showing Nadler’s Thoughts on Impeachment

Jerry never thought this would see the light of day – here it comes!

The left’s impeachment push has moved from Adam Schiff’s committee to Jerry Nadler’s.

Nadler, a longtime Democrat, has been working in the D.C. swamp for decades. You might even remember that he was a representative when Bill Clinton was president.

(Kind of makes you wonder what he’s been doing all these years, as our economies suffered, huh?)

Nadler, like most Democrats back then, was very much against the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He even spoke out against it during a rally. Read more…


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In Historic Decision, Federal Judge Reverses Schiff Ruling

Adam Schiff keeps dragging out this impeachment charade. He wants to pull Trump’s top men and women into hearings.

All to squeeze information out of them.

Patriots know that Trump did nothing wrong. But top White House staff know things few others do.

Is Schiff trying to get them to talk, just to find new dirt on Trump? Is this Democrat just fishing for White House secrets (that the left can use in 2020)? Read more...


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Supreme Court Deals Major Setback to Dems Trump Investigation

Ever since Trump entered office, Democrats have been on the hunt. They seem to be looking for something, anything that they can use to take down the president.

From the Russian probe to rumors and scandals to a phone call with Ukraine, Democrats have not stopped opposing the president since day one.

And liberal courts (packed with Obama appointees) are all too happy to oblige.

Democrats have been particularly eager to get their hands on Trump’s tax returns.

They’ve even gone after his long-time accounting firm to take a look at his financial records. They sued the company, forcing them to hand over Trump’s private records to the very people who want to ruin him. Read more…


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Schiff’s Aide is Linked to Both Whistleblower and Burisma

The longer this impeachment game drags on, the more Schiff’s behind-the-seen plans are exposed.

For close to two months, Schiff has played the media to his advantage. He held closed-door meetings to prevent vital details from reaching the public.

The media spun what was coming out to be as damaging to Trump as possible.

But soon after the hearings became public, support for impeachment drops. And important facts about Schiff and his team starting coming out fast and furious. Read more…


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President Trump Plans Major 2020 Release

We know that since he entered the Oval Office, Democrats have tried to take down Trump. They’ve tried to dig into every area of his life-just looking for dirt.

Liberals have mounted numerous hoaxes just to get at the man. Names like Russia and Stormy Daniels come to mind.

But one of the oldest and longest-running schemes has been to pry into his financials. Democrats even sued his accountants for a crack at his private, personal documents.

They just assume Trump has something to hide. So they are moving heaven and earth to find it. Read more…