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President Trump Demands Investigation on Schiff

Boy, oh boy. Adam Schiff is getting shiftier by the day. When all this impeachment talk started, Schiff claimed to have no prior knowledge of the alleged “whistleblower’s” claims.

Then we recently learned his office did have prior knowledge. In fact, the whistleblower was in communication with his office!

Even Schiff is admitting he “misspoke” about what he did or did not know about this complaint. M-hm.

As the picture becomes clear, it looks like their very reason for impeaching Trump is falling apart. Read more…


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Warren Declares Your Taxes Should Pay for Inmate Trans-Surgery

Elizabeth Warren is pulling ahead in the Democratic primary polls. To some, she is the frontrunner.

That’s pretty sad, if you think about it. A woman who has a tarnished reputation for saying she was Native American is the left’s “best” chance at beating Trump.

But somehow she just topped that.

She appeared at a special CNN town hall last night. Right as Trump spoke to thousands in Minneapolis, CNN was bombarding their viewers (whoever is left) with this kind of nonsense.

Warren wanted all the sheep watching to know just how progressive she was. How progressive is she? Read more…


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Whistleblower’s 2020 Dem Connection Leaked

The Democrats’ impeachment push revolves around a supposed whistleblower’s complaint.

But as we learn more about this mysterious person, it looks like he’s not just a patriotic American trying to keep Trump honest.

It’s been known from the start that he’s considered a partisan. In fact, he’s a registered Democrat. His lawyers (why does he even need lawyers?) worked for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.

You have to be blind not to see he was motivated by politics to go after the president. Read more…


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Devin Nunes Catches Schiff Braking House Rules

Rep. Adam Schiff got in big, big trouble recently and it was the New York Times that outed him.

The newspaper revealed that Schiff’s office was in contact with the whistleblower, whose complaint pushed Democrats to support impeachment.

Apparently, this person contacted them before the news of the complaint came out.

Why is this a problem? Because from the start, Schiff told everyone that he knew nothing about this complaint. And that the whistleblower never made contact with him before the news was released. Read more…


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Bill Barr Visits Italy, Ramps Up Investigation On Obama

Barry thought he was safe – here comes Trump’s Attorney General!

Democrats went after Trump for two years over the 2016 election-turns out, it may all have been a distraction.

We know that agencies under Obama were investigating the Trump campaign. They used a dossier full of misinformation to acquire a warrant to spy on Trump’s staff.

That alone raises questions about how the CIA and FBI conducted the investigation.

Only now, under AG Barr, is the DOJ looking for answers. Barr has tasked one of his top men to look into how the FBI and CIA invested Trump during the election. Read more…


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Judge Jeanine Reveals Pelosi, Biden, Nadler, Schiff Impeachment Plan

Democrats are accusing Trump of impeachable offenses-but Judge Jeanine is exposing what’s going on behind the scenes.

Democrats, including Pelosi, are making it seem like they stumbled on this whistleblower complaint. As if they just discovered Trump’s wrongdoing and are forced to act on it.

(As if they haven’t been searching for dirt on him since before he was elected!)

But Judge Jeanine Pirro has a different take on the situation. She says that wasn’t the case at all. Read more…


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Trump Demands “to Meet His Accuser”

Democrats like Adam Schiff might be making victory laps over this so-called whistleblower-but they underestimate Donald Trump.

Donald’s getting tired of D.C.’s double standard. Thankfully, he’s breaking it down as we speak.

This whistleblower thought he could put forward a bogus secondhand complaint and stay anonymous. As if that would be enough to take down Trump.

So we’re supposed to believe the word of a ghost, just because he’s backing the Left’s claims? Read more…


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Barr Sends Democrats Scrambling With Fresh Ukrainian Investigation

Democrats finally forced Nancy Pelosi to cave into pushing the impeachment drum.

But it’s all smoke no fire. It looks like Trump did nothing to suggest he was forcing or manipulating Ukraine.

Some have wondered why Democrats were pushing this empty story – well it turns out it may have been a distraction.

A distraction from the real Ukraine story. AG Barr is looking into some concerning matters. And he just sicced his bulldog onto a potential bombshell. Read more…


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Pelosi Admits Whistleblower’s Dirty Laundry

Nancy Pelosi took the plunge into impeachment, but she should have looked before she leaped.

The Democrats were convinced that this unnamed whistleblower, who made claims about a call he didn’t hear himself, would be Trump’s ultimate undoing.

But right after Pelosi jumps aboard the impeachment ship, Trump revealed it was full of holes.

Donald knows all about the whistleblower and he’s got a few things to share. Read more…