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The Problem With Narrative

This week, The New York Times caved to online bullying and changed a headline for an article covering President Donald Trump’s remarks after the horrible shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. The original headline, “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism,” was met with outrage on social media by those on the left.

During the day, the hashtag #CancelNYT began trending. The headline was changed to “Assailing Hate but Not Guns.” So, if the headline was initially wrong, what did Trump say on Monday in response to the shootings?
Trump noted that the El Paso shooter had “posted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate,” and the president called for national unity. “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy,” Trump said. “These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America. Hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart and devours the soul.” Appears the first headline was accurate.

Trump then laid out action steps that could be taken: “First, we must do a better job of identifying and acting on early warning signs,” he said. “Second, we must stop the glorification of violence in our society … Third, we must reform our mental health laws to better identify mentally disturbed individuals who may commit acts of violence … Fourth, we must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms.”

He closed with a call for “the Department of Justice to propose legislation ensuring that those who commit hate crimes and mass murders face the death penalty.” His call for unity, beefed up by specific action steps, was met with outrage from political opponents and a successful push to change the headline.

So, what led those on the left to call for a different headline? The narrative they believe is that Trump is a racist. The belief in this narrative is so strong that any information in conflict with this belief must be ignored and anything that supports this belief must be true, even if it is not.

As I write in my upcoming book, “Our Broken America: Why Both Sides Need to Stop Ranting and Start Listening,” all too often, “we take in information and then attempt to make it fit something we already believe and understand; we search for facts to support what we already believe to be true.”
Let’s take the left’s belief that Trump is a bad/racist person:

Last year, the New York Daily News printed a picture of a child at the border crying behind her mother. For those who follow the narrative, it’s Trump’s fault.

Then, there was the picture of a child in a cage that trended on Twitter. For those who follow the narrative, it’s Trump’s fault.

Then a picture of a bus outfitted with children’s seats circulated. For those who follow the narrative, it’s Trump’s fault.
None of these was Trump’s fault.

The child was never separated from her mother and was brought to the United States by her mother without her father’s knowledge. The child in the cage was part of a protest, and it was a staged cage. The bus was purchased in the Obama administration. All of the assumptions about Trump were wrong. But still the narrative continues: It must be Trump’s fault.

What is not talked about? Actions. The Trump administration forgave $322 million of debt for four historically black colleges and universities: Dillard University of New Orleans; Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Tougaloo College of Jackson, Mississippi; and Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. Trump signed the First Step Act, comprehensive criminal justice reform. He has created economic “opportunity zones” to revitalize inner cities.

But these actions don’t fit the narrative.

The challenge for those on the right is that while the narrative is not true, as noted by the examples above, it’s the prevalent way many voters organize information in their mind. Sadly, it has now extended not only to Trump but to those who support him.

On Tuesday, Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, tweeted the names and corporate affiliations of 44 Trump donors in his district, claiming their donations are “fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.'” Castro’s twin brother, Julian, is a Democratic presidential candidate.

The Democrats are fueling a campaign of hate against anyone who disagrees with them or doesn’t believe their narrative, no matter the facts.

The problem with following a narrative is that the real work gets left by the wayside. We should focus on actions rather than narrative.

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Liberal Media Refuses to Report Shooter’s Antifa Ties

The media coverage following last weekend’s Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, mass shootings has been decisively partisan with the left-wing media refusing to reveal the Dayton shooter’s left wing political ties while trying to tie an anti-immigrant rant by the El Paso shooter to President Trump. CNN alone so far has admitted that the Dayton shooter supported Antifa, but they are also doing their best to downplay the fact while ratcheting up their anti-Trump, anti-gun attacks. Read more…

Here’s more from Town Hall…

The liberal media is the arm of the Democratic Party and its agenda. That’s no secret, but if they think they can get away with what they’re doing with the Dayton shooting—their arrogance (or stupidity) has reached unprecedented levels. I mean there have been pretty explicit examples, but we’ve seen some pretty epic ‘hold my beer’ moments, as the various arms of this corrupt enterprise seem to be in a competition to out-do one another in displaying that liberal bias.

In less than 24 hours, we had two brutal mass shootings. In all, 31 people have been killed and scores more injured. In El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, two armed nutjobs executed senseless acts of carnage. The political games began almost immediately.


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Google Hates Pregnant Women

A viral memo from a current Google employee alleges that the Silicon Valley giant discriminates against pregnant women (in addition to conservatives). In her 2,300-word memo titled “I’m Not Returning to Google After Maternity Leave, and Here is Why,” she says she endured months of “angry chats and emails” and even “public shaming” by a fellow female employee that only escalated after learning that potentially life-threatening complications would require early maternity leave. Read more…

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Just one week after a former Google employee accused the company of discriminating against conservatives, a viral memo from a current employee alleges the company has been engaging in discrimination against pregnant women.

According to Motherboard, a memo written by a Google employee alleges that she was unfairly discriminated against for being pregnant. More than 10,000 employees have now read the accusations she laid out.

“Last week, the woman posted the memo, titled ‘I’m Not Returning to Google After Maternity Leave, and Here is Why,’ to an internal company message board for expecting and new mothers,” reports the outlet. “The memo was reposted to other internal message boards and has since gone viral, multiple current Google employees in different parts of the company have told Motherboard.”


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Facebook Labels Revered Christian Quote as “Hate Speech”

Facebook has it out for St. Augustine, labeling a quote of his-included in the Roman Catholic Church’s official liturgical books-as “hate speech.” It’s worth noting that Facebook defines hate speech as “a direct attack on people.” Yet, the quote’s only possible “hate” rhetoric is that it calls out sin. Facebook has repeatedly blocked the quote and even threatened to remove user accounts for posting it. “Let us never assume that if we live good lives we will be without sin; our lives should be praised only when we continue to beg for pardon.” Read more…

Here’s more from WND…

Facebook has labeled a quote by St. Augustine as hate speech, according to the director of a pro-life group.

“Facebook has repeatedly banned a quote from St. Augustine every time I’ve posted it. And it’s not some fire and brimstone ‘Sinners are going to hell!’ quote, but in fact, quite the opposite,” wrote Domenico Bettinelli, director of community engagement for Massachusetts Citizens for Life, in a blog post.

PJ Media reported the quote came from a St. Augustine homily included in the Roman Catholic Church’s official liturgical books.


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Hollywood Hypocrites Have Always Embraced Epstein

Hollywood’s #MeToo credibility is crumbling before our eyes.

First, many in the entertainment industry turned a blind eye to movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s rampant alleged sexual harassment and misconduct toward women for years, if not decades. Now we learn they also hobnobbed with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein even after he was convicted for soliciting minors for prostitution and served 13 months in prison, thereby negating any plausible denial they were unaware of his sexual predation.

The stark reality is that after Epstein served his 2008 prison sentence — and became a registered sex offender — Hollywood continued to welcome him with open arms to exclusive VIP events, movie premieres and glitzy parties.
“Equally troubling are Epstein’s long-cultivated relationships within Hollywood and New York media circles, where he moved with ease well after his high-profile 2008 conviction,” reports the Hollywood Reporter.

In 2016, Epstein attended Warner Bros’ “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” premiere in New York, socializing with Hollywood movie stars and industry heavyweights. Back in 2010, Hollywood movie directors, veteran TV journalists George Stephanopoulos and Katie Couric, and Chelsea Handler — to name a few — attended a private dinner party honoring Prince Andrew at Epstein’s multimillion-dollar New York City manse, according to reports.

Quite ironic given that Handler is a vocal #MeToo proponent who walked in the Women’s March on Washington. “Seventeen million women across the world have been sexually assaulted,” she told The New York Times in a 2018 interview. “It’s all over the place. So to ignore it is to live in a lane and be delusional about your own experience.”
Huh? Clearly, Handler conveniently ignored sexual abuse against women and young girls when she attended this party. Was she delusional that he spent time in the clink for the very criminal acts she claims to stand against?

Then there’s Couric, who is currently writing a memoir with details about her own #MeToo experiences throughout her storied career. Will she be including her attendance at the chic party? Or will that chapter not make the cut?
If any of these folks or other Hollywood types who claim to support the #MeToo movement were to truly care about stopping female sexual exploitation, why would they continue to socialize and lend legitimacy, both personally and professionally, to a creep like Epstein?

And a creep he is. Last Saturday, the convicted child predator was arrested, and on Monday, he was charged with child sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy to traffic dozens of underage girls across state lines from 2002 to 2005.

It’s also well known that Epstein flew scores of influential elites inside and outside of Hollywood on his private jet nicknamed the “Lolita Express.” These excursions reportedly included taking underage girls to his lavish private estate in the U.S. Virgin Islands nicknamed “Orgy Island.”

If you think the moniker “Orgy Island” says it all, the New York Post reports that locals dubbed it another name: “‘Everybody called it “Pedophile Island,”‘ St. Thomas boat operator Kevin Goodrich said of Epstein’s 75-acre Little St. James Island, about a mile southeast of St. Thomas. ‘It’s our dark corner.'”

But none of that stopped Hollywood from embracing Epstein during or after his criminal acts. Even during the height of the #MeToo movement, with movie moguls like Weinstein finally being held to account, Epstein was still welcomed by Tinseltown. “Even in the post-#MeToo era, Epstein, 66, frequently attended industry events, like the Gotham Awards in November 2017,” reports the Hollywood Reporter. All of which lends credence to the term “Hollywood hypocrite.” Quite fitting, wouldn’t you say?

Adriana Cohen is a syndicated columnist with the Boston Herald. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at



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CNN’S Cuomo Mocks Rape Survivor for Pro-2A Views

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo mocked dorm room rape survivor Kimberly Corban for her pro-Second Amendment views, which were shared in a National Rifle Association video. In the video, Corban says, “I’m a mother of two, and if a predator or anyone else tries to harm me or my family, they have to come through my firearm first.” Cuomo’s sarcastic response: “Only in America.” Read more…

Here’s more from The Federalist…

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo thought he had a real sick burn on Wednesday when he mocked rape survivor Kimberly Corban on Twitter for saying she protects herself and her family with a firearm.

“Only in America,” Cuomo tweeted in response to a National Rifle Association video of Corban sharing about the night she was suffocated and raped in her dorm room at age 20.

“For the next two hours, I knew I was going to die, and there was nothing I could do,” Corban said in the video. “I’m a mother of two, and if a predator or anyone else tries to harm me or my family, they have to come through my firearm first.”

In 2016, Corban confronted President Obama during a CNN “Guns in America” town hall, saying protecting her family is a basic responsibility for a parent.


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Gillette Ad: Man Teaches Trans “Son” to Shave

Showing actual men shaving is so offensive to PC culture that Gillette-a hundred year-old company with the iconic “The Best A Man Can Get” slogan-decided to feature a hormone-addled biological girl in its latest commercial. The anti-“toxic masculinity” ad was captioned, “Whenever, wherever, however it happens, your first shave is special.” It also features a presumably male “dad” showing his grown adult “son” how to shave because “shaving is about being confident.” Read more…

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Gillette’s latest ad shows a father teaching his transgender son how to shave, the razor company’s latest foray into social justice issues.

“Whenever, wherever, however it happens – your first shave is special,” reads the caption on Gillette’s Facebook page.

“Growing up, I was always trying to figure out what kind of man I wanted to become, and I’m still trying to figure out what kind of man that I want to become,” the transgender man, identified as Samson, says in the video. “I always knew I was different. I didn’t know that there was a term for the type of person that I was. I went into my transition just wanting to be happy. I’m glad I am at the point where I am able to shave.”


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Actors Get Death Threats for Pro-Trump Play

Two Hollywood actors daring to play the parts of Trump-hating FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in a crowdfunded dramatic stage reading of the infamous text messages have already received death threats for daring to be “pro-Trump” in their performance. “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers” will take place at The Studio Theater in Washington, D.C., unless the Left makes good on its threats to “lock the doors, set the theater on fire.” Read more…

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

All too predictably, when news arose that two Hollywood actors would play anti-Trump FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in a one-night dramatic stage reading, they received at least one death threat.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star Kristy Swanson will star on June 13 at The Studio Theater in Washington, D.C. with Dean Cain in “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers,” which will feature them simply reading the anti-Trump text messages the two FBI employees sent to each other. She revealed that someone on Twitter posted a threat writing, “Have the Capitol steps open, lock the doors, set the theater on fire,” a message Swanson noted not only threatened the two actors, but also the production team and the audience. Swanson told BizPacReview, “I think it’s disgusting that someone would make a threat like this.”


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Trump Protecting Free Speech Online

President Trump is a man of his word.

He’s been demonstrating that character trait throughout his tenure on Pennsylvania Avenue by honoring the many promises he’s made to the American people — including his recent pledge to protect free speech, a fundamental right critical to a democracy.

On Wednesday, the White House launched an online platform where Americans can report if they believe they’re being wrongfully censored or discriminated against on social media networks and other online forums. This much-needed measure gives Americans an opportunity to share their experiences, which will provide the Trump administration and government officials with important information to combat the pervasive political bias taking place on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere, disproportionally affecting conservatives.

It’s well-known that social media companies — run by radical left-wing activists — are silencing conservatives en masse who do not violate their terms of service. This egregious discrimination and political censorship is un-American and violates our rights to free speech. It also impacts elections by giving members of one political party access to millions of voters during an election season where shaping public opinion can flip votes — while muting political rivals.

All Americans must pay attention to this important issue and combat shadow-banning and other forms of unjust censorship. Because if power brokers at Silicon Valley social media networks can silence conservatives to shape public discourse and assist candidates of their choosing — they can do the same to Democrats, independents, socialists and libertarians.

Take the 2016 presidential election. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said publicly she wanted Hillary Clinton “to win badly.” If Facebook today is suppressing conservative content and opinion on its platform — as many users report — how do we know the social media giant with tens of millions of users in the U.S. didn’t also shadow ban and/or censor supporters of Clinton’s primary opponent, Bernie Sanders, tilting the outcome of the Democratic primary?

Answer: We don’t. All the more reason the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice should be examining social media platforms’ practices surrounding free speech and censorship to protect the integrity of our democracy and electoral system.

It’s common throughout the nation for many political races to come down to just a few thousand votes between opposing candidates — or at times, even less. Now consider if one political candidate’s posts and tweets were being blocked online — where most Americans get their news. Clearly, that could impact the outcome of an election, especially if many of the candidate’s supporters were also censored and/or shadow-banned online.
All the more reason Democrats should be watching this issue closely and defending conservatives’ rights to free speech, as they could also be victims of similar censorship and discrimination, both now and in the future.

If social media giants and the powerful folks at Google and other Silicon Valley tech companies are putting their thumb on the scale using algorithms, politically biased human content monitors and other opaque methods to influence political discourse today — and, ultimately, U.S. elections — it’s only a matter of time before Democrats are also caught in their censorship trap.

In America today, there are 22 Democratic candidates running for president. If the powerful folks in Silicon Valley — with access to over a billion people online — prefer one candidate over the other, will they abuse their power by muting rivals?

Conservatives already know Twitter, Facebook and other networks are suppressing their beliefs, opinions and ideologies that run counter to their rigid, politically correct liberal orthodoxy. The big question is are Democrats and other Americans also being affected?

The White House’s latest questionnaire addressing censorship and political bias online is a step in the right direction of getting to the bottom of it.
Something all freedom loving Americans should applaud.

Adriana Cohen is a syndicated columnist with the Boston Herald. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at



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Big Tech Cuts out Conservatives

The biggest threat facing our democracy and the integrity of future elections isn’t foreign interference. It’s Big Tech in Silicon Valley, with its unlimited resources and access to hundreds of millions of voters. For context, in 2018, Facebook alone was used by an estimated 169.5 million people — more than half the U.S. population, according to an eMarketer study.

Big Tech undoubtedly is a powerful industry run by left-wing political activists who, similar to deep state operatives within the U.S. government, want to stop President Trump from getting reelected. Across the digital spectrum, social media platforms are putting their thumb on the scale using algorithms, human content monitors and other opaque methods that censor, shadow ban or outright remove scores of conservatives from their platforms with little to no accountability.

Last week, President Trump tweeted: “I am continuing to monitor the censorship of AMERICAN CITIZENS on social media platforms. This is the United States of America — and we have what’s known as FREEDOM OF SPEECH!”
As the 2020 presidential election kicks into high gear, one must consider how unfortunate it would it be if the American people were to allow the Democrat Machine and its echo chamber in media to distract the nation’s attention with a never-ending drumbeat about Russia and its vastly exaggerated influence on the 2016 presidential election — while ignoring the real election meddling taking place today, right under our noses, courtesy of anti-Trump corporations in Silicon Valley.

Studies reveal that most Americans get their news online today. And given that social media networks are allowing liberal voices free reign to shape public opinion and enjoy freedom of expression and unfettered access to voters, versus their conservative counterparts, the integrity of elections is being jeopardized.

It’s no secret Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram (owned by Facebook) are silencing scores of conservatives, many, if not most, of whom don’t violate the terms of service. All the while, they permit liberal voices that spew hate, extreme vulgarity and even threats against others to remain on their platforms. Twitter, for example, recently blocked Hollywood celebrity James Woods, a known conservative with millions of followers, from its platform while allowing Hamas, a terrorist group, to remain.

Facebook this week banned Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos and other far-right folks while also booting Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan, the last of which many see as a public relations stunt to shield Big Tech from accusations of unilateral bias against conservatives.

The reality is social media networks ban a token left-leaning individual every once in a blue moon — for PR purposes — while they routinely and disproportionately mute conservatives.

Make no mistake. Censorship against conservatives isn’t just un-American, and it doesn’t just violate our rights to free speech. It’s also discrimination against members of a major U.S. political party, something the Federal Election Commission should be investigating as well as the Department of Justice and other anti-discrimination civil rights groups, as one can argue that social media networks are engaging in voter suppression by blocking voters from monopolistic political forums that impact elections.

This is something that warrants further inspection without delay.

Adriana Cohen is a syndicated columnist with the Boston Herald. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at