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Trump Demands “to Meet His Accuser”

Democrats like Adam Schiff might be making victory laps over this so-called whistleblower-but they underestimate Donald Trump.

Donald’s getting tired of D.C.’s double standard. Thankfully, he’s breaking it down as we speak.

This whistleblower thought he could put forward a bogus secondhand complaint and stay anonymous. As if that would be enough to take down Trump.

So we’re supposed to believe the word of a ghost, just because he’s backing the Left’s claims? Read more…


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Warren Loses Her Cool On Live TV

Elizabeth Warren has caught up to Biden in recent Democratic polls – but she’s already in hot water.

At a rally yesterday a particularly brave reporter set her up with a “trick question,” if you will.

She wanted to know whether Warren would allow her imaginary future VP’s kids to serve on the board of foreign companies.

(Hint Hint: Obama let Biden’s son do this)

Well, Warren fired back a quick response, and then realized she’d fallen into the reporter’s trap. Read more…


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Barr Sends Democrats Scrambling With Fresh Ukrainian Investigation

Democrats finally forced Nancy Pelosi to cave into pushing the impeachment drum.

But it’s all smoke no fire. It looks like Trump did nothing to suggest he was forcing or manipulating Ukraine.

Some have wondered why Democrats were pushing this empty story – well it turns out it may have been a distraction.

A distraction from the real Ukraine story. AG Barr is looking into some concerning matters. And he just sicced his bulldog onto a potential bombshell. Read more…


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Pelosi Admits Whistleblower’s Dirty Laundry

Nancy Pelosi took the plunge into impeachment, but she should have looked before she leaped.

The Democrats were convinced that this unnamed whistleblower, who made claims about a call he didn’t hear himself, would be Trump’s ultimate undoing.

But right after Pelosi jumps aboard the impeachment ship, Trump revealed it was full of holes.

Donald knows all about the whistleblower and he’s got a few things to share. Read more…


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‘Squad Princess’ Omar: “Biden is the Wrong Choice”

We all know Democrats usually march in lockstep – but it looks like they’re falling apart these days.

According to the media and polls, Joe Biden seemed to be the most electable man or woman to beat Trump in 2020.

But, while strategists think the moderate is right for the nomination, the far Left in the party would rather tear it all down.

In fact, “squad” member Ilhan Omar just dumped Joe Biden – claiming he’s not right for her vision of America. Read more…


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Devin Nunes Links Joe Biden Directly to Clinton-Ukraine

The media is trying to pin the latest “scandal on Trump” – but Rep. Nunes sees things very differently.

You probably have heard all about how a whistleblower claimed Trump did something wrong in his call with Ukraine – maybe something impeachable.

Democrats – big surprise – immediately called for Trump’s impeachment. Really? There’s no evidence out yet. The man makes a call with a foreign state and he’s supposed to be impeached for that?

But now it’s backfiring on them.

But the reality is, this scandal has shed light on something Joe Biden did a few years ago. Something very troubling and should have every American concerned. Read more…


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Squad Member Tlaib Calls for ‘Altered’ American Flag

The Squad – AOC, Omar, and the rest – have a major problem with America.

They go after Donald Trump – and even our Constitutional rights!

But this new idea might get the prize for the most deluded one yet:

They want to change the number of states in the country!

And one key member of The Squad actually wants to hang an “altered” version of the American flag outside her office, to show her support for the idea. Read more…


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Warren Gets Hard-Hitting Interview by Colbert Stephen

Elizabeth Warren is getting all kinds of love from the mainstream media-but that might be coming to an end.

As she has seen her poll numbers go up, she has been enjoying the attention. It seems like some Democrats consider her a shoo-in for the nomination. Maybe a second chance to get a woman into the White House.

Thinking she’d get a nice, easy interview, she appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show. Perhaps she wanted the comedian to give her some softball questions she could knock out of the park.

Instead, the talk show host nailed her with the same question everyone has been asking. And he didn’t let her get away with the typical non-answer. Read more…


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Kavanaugh Accuser’s an Obama Donor, Clinton Lawyer, and Kavanaugh Competitor

He thought we wouldn’t find out – got him!

You’ve probably about the new allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh almost a year after his appointment

Before the dust even settled, facts came out that showed they had no basis.

Apparently, the supposed victim was never interviewed, nor do her friends say she even remembers the incident.

So, why did this come out at all? Who is really behind this obvious attempt to smear a good man?

Turns out it’s a man from Kavanaugh’s past, with a laundry list of connections he shouldn’t get away with. Read more…


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Jason Chaffetz Just Uncovered California’s Plan to Steal 2020

The 2020 elections are coming up fast, and President Trump is doing everything he can to Make America Great Again.

But Republican Jason Chaffetz just uncovered a very shady plan in the far-left state of California … and Trump needs to know about it.

It’s called ballot harvesting, and it can cause LOTS of problems.

What is ballot harvesting?

Ballot harvesting is when campaign staffers assist in the collection of votes from citizens like you and me. Read more…