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Video Catches Biden Forgetting Obama’s Name Over and Over

Joe Biden is the weakest frontrunner we’ve seen in a while. Sure, he got a bunch of candidates to drop out before Super Tuesday. But that doesn’t mean he’s the right pick.

Keep in mind, even Barack Obama has refused to endorse the man. In fact, some reports claim Obama said, “You don’t have to do this, Joe.”

Ouch. But why doesn’t Obama want Joe running for president?

Maybe it’s because the man can’t remember his old boss’s name! Read more…


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15 Senators Co-Sponsor Resolution to Have Schumer Censured

People all over the country are talking about Chuck Schumer’s eye-opening threats against the Supreme Court.

The senator is trying to do damage control. But outside of an open apology (and taking back what he said), I don’t think that’s going to cut it.

Even the president has called out what the senator said. Even prominent liberal lawyers (some Constitutional experts) have condemned Schumer’s statements.

But words are not enough-where is the action? That’s what Americans want.

It looks like that’s coming from Sen Hawley. And he’s got plenty on board with him. Read more…


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Mike Pence Coronavirus Promise Has Seniors Breathe a Sigh of Relief

President Trump tasked Vice President Pence to lead the coronavirus battle. And he’s been tackling it head-on.

Still, some seniors might be worried. Why? Because, like the flu, this virus seems to be worse for older folks.

But Mike Pence just made a promise. It’s one that will help Americans battling this virus.

From Fox News:

Vice President Mike Pence tried to assuage Americans’ concerns over the potential cost they could face getting a coronavirus

test should they become affected by the outbreak, saying that the test will be covered by all private insurance plans and by

Medicare and Medicaid. Read more…


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Super Tuesday Gaffe: Joe Confusing His Wife for His Sister

Joe Biden had a big Super Tuesday. Thanks to key dropouts, he scooped up enough delegates to take the lead.

But does that mean he’s now the best candidate for the Democrats? He’s still the same man who makes one gaffe after another.

The same man who confuses where he is-and even what seat he’s running for.

Some might be wondering if he’s all there, upstairs.

And in celebrating his recent wins, he may have settled the matter for us. Read more…


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Queen AOC Just Took a Major Loss

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must really believe her own press.

Although she hasn’t scored one significant victory in Congress, she seems to think she’s the Queen of the Democratic Party.

The woman has not donated to the general fund for the upcoming elections (a big no, no). Instead, she has demanded her supporters build her a fundraising “machine.”

In fact, she broke from the party to back far-left, socialist candidates. She was trying to put together a “Squad 2.0.”

I guess she thought her star power was enough to get these folks a win. It turns out the opposite was true. Read more…


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Senate Readies Their First Subpoena for the Bidens

Former vice president Joe Biden enjoyed a victory in South Carolina recently, and his stock continues to rise.

Furthermore, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer are out of the presidential race. So, Biden appears to be in better shape.

But wait – America hasn’t forgotten about the Burisma Holdings issue regarding Hunter Biden.

…and neither has the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson is ready to issue the group’s first subpoena regarding the Ukraine investigation. Read more…


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Hollywood Star Lets Trump Sabotage Plan Slip

Democrats are doing whatever they can to defeat Trump in 2020. We’ve seen what great lengths they’ll go to do it. Including a

disastrous impeachment flop. You’d think they would have learned, but no. The best they can offer for their 2020 races is an

old socialist named Bernie Sanders. His radical plans for America would wipe out two centuries of freedom and prosperity.

Good luck selling that to the public! From Daily Wire: Patricia Arquette, who describes herself on her Twitter page as

“actress – activist – troublemaker,” is calling for Americans to conduct a one-day economic shutdown in order to damage the

U.S. economy and hurt President Trump. Read more…


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Baltimore Democrat Ex-Mayor Sentenced

We have kept you up-to-date over the shocking case of a former big-city Democrat.

Catherine Pugh was the mayor of Baltimore. Until that is, she was exposed for a scheme surrounding her children’s book.

Apparently, the woman gave government contracts to companies that bought her book.

She was convicted of various charges, mostly of abusing her position to reach the bestseller list.

And now, after a long court case, she is facing the penalty for what she’s done. Read more…


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Trump Drops Lawsuit On New York Times

For over four years, we’ve had to sit back and watch the mainstream media go after Donald Trump for everything under the sun.

Apparently Trump is Enemy Number One to them-their coverage is 95% negative!

It seems like they think they can get away with smearing him, his family, and his supporters. These media giants think that they’ll just get a pass, no matter what they say.

But the president just rocked their boat. They might think twice about what they say now! Read more…


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Nunes Drops ‘Mueller’ Referrals, Chops Washington Swamp Down

For nearly four years, we’ve had to sit back and watch the D.C. swamp go after President Trump.

They opposed him at every turn. They obstructed his attempts to improve the lives of millions of Americans.

Not only that, but they crafted a bogus dossier to frame him as a Russian puppet. Mueller spent millions investigating him, so the left could remove him from office, but failed.

Some in Washington think Trump should just move on. Forget about how the swamp used every dirty trick in the book to undermine a duly-elected president. But Trump and his allies refuse to back down. Read more…