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Customers Wearing “Ex-Muslims” Tees Kicked out of Starbucks

Former Muslims were kicked out of a Starbucks connected to a Hilton hotel in Houston, TX, for wearing shirts that read “I’m an ex-muslim, ask me why?” The captured video reveals Lina, an ex-Muslim Syrian woman, being physically barred from reentering the Starbucks after she bought an iced coffee, where the manager ordered her to remove her T-shirt. Though there was a nearby protest against radical Islamic adherents, Lina and her companion made it clear they were not associated. The store banned them anyway. Read more…

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Former Muslims with Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) were kicked out of a Starbucks connected to a Hilton hotel in Houston, Texas, on Saturday. Video shows Lina, an ex-Muslim Syrian woman, physically barred from re-entering the Starbucks after she had bought an iced coffee and was expelled from the establishment for wearing a t-shirt.

In the video, a Hilton manager came out to prevent Lina from re-entering the Starbucks. At first, he suggested that if the EXMNA volunteer merely removed her t-shirt, she would be admitted. Later, however, he refused to allow her companion to enter the premises, even though he was not wearing an ex-Muslim t-shirt.

“You’re not allowed on the property,” the manager said. When asked why, he reiterated, “Because you’re not allowed. You’ve got shirts right now.”

When pressed again, the manager explained, “There’s a protest going on. You can if you take your shirts off, whatever.”

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