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Hollyweird: Being Transgender is the “Truest Form of America’s Freedom”

Hollywood celebrities are taking to social media to showcase their anti-Trump bias just ahead of the midterm election. General talking points have included labeling concern over the thousands-strong caravan of Central American migrants demanding entrance at our southern border as “racist,” with the emotional tagline that “no human beings are illegal.” But perhaps the best of all is this gem. According to the latest Hollywood pronouncements, transgenderism is the “truest form of America’s freedom.”

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Less than two weeks from the most expensive and, perhaps, consequential midterm election in a generation, some of Hollywood’s most influential stars have taken to social media to spew deranged and self-centered hot takes about President Donald Trump and the issues facing the nation.
Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, among other Hollywood figures, said the thousands of migrants marching toward the U.S.-Mexico border are being used by President Trump as a “racist fear tactic to win the Midterms.”

Actor John Cusack declared that “no human beings are illegal.”

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