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Hypocrisy: Massive Anti-Gun Rally Protected by Armed Guards

So the gun control march in DC has come and gone, and just as we expected it was an absolute clown show from start to finish.

Clueless high school students and celebrities paraded across the stage to spew their leftist ideology and anti-gun rants (but conspicuously not featuring students who are pro-gun).

All emotion and no facts were enjoyed by all, but the most curious feature of the rabble-rousers was that they were guarded by lots and lots of police and military.

So, in order to be ensured you have the right to safely inveigh against guns and gun-owners, you need to be protected by men with guns.


Here’s more from Breitbart…

Photographs depict truckloads of “good guys with guns” protecting students who are marching to restrict the gun rights of other Americans.

NBC DC’s Meagan Fitzgerald tweeted that police were on scene in the wee morning hours preparing for the arrival of the gun control supporters who were en route to the National Mall.

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