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It Gets Worse for Virginia Democrats

From blackface Halloween costumes sported by Governor Ralph Northam in 1984 to sexual assault allegations against Democrat Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, the Left is eating its own in the commonwealth of Virginia. The latest report in this saga reveals that a fourth Democrat has now been caught up in this: Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA), who apparently knew about the allegations against Fairfax for more than a year but did nothing. What should really scare the Left, though, is that Fairfax’s accuser has not only submitted a detailed statement about the alleged 2004 assault at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, but she has also retained the legal services of Katz, Marshall, and Banks, the same law firm used by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Read more…

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

The series of scandals that have brought Virginia Democrats to their knees over the last week worsened after a new bombshell report was released on Wednesday night that alleges a Democratic lawmaker knew about the sexual assault allegations against Democrat Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax for over a year.

ABC News reports that Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) was made aware of the allegations directly from Fairfax’s accuser, Dr. Vanessa Tyson, “who on Wednesday released a statement detailing the alleged 2004 assault, which took place at the Democratic National Convention in Boston.”

“Allegations of sexual assault need to be taken seriously,” Scott said in a statement to ABC News. “I have known Professor Tyson for approximately a decade and she is a friend. She deserves the opportunity to have her story heard.”

Aides to Scott told ABC News that Tyson told Scott on October 20, 2017 that she was “not a fan” of Fairfax, who at the time was a candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor.

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