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Leftist Professor Ponders Whether or Not Extinction of Humanity Would be a Tragedy

In what would be a pointless writing exercise – or an op-ed in The New York Times – if humanity ceased to exist, professor Todd May wonders, “Would the extinction of humanity be a tragedy?” He goes on to elaborate on various vacuous tangents and misses the entire point of human existence. All of this to which Daily Wire podcast host Andrew Klavan of “The Andrew Klavan Show” goes on the offensive, challenging May’s argument by the basic question of God: “Now, what happens when you reason without God,” Klavan asked. “Because there is a God, and because things only make sense with God, who exists, right? When you remove him, in order to reason at all, in order to speak at all, you have to put something back in its place. What does professor Todd May put in its place? He puts himself.” Read more…

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

The New York Times recently published an opinion piece by a professor asking the question “Would the extinction of humanity be a tragedy?” Now, most of us will immediately conclude just how ridiculous the premise is, but some people — some people on the Left, to be more precise — think this idea actually carries some weight. Daily Wire podcast host Andrew Klavan breaks it down as only he can and, in the process, reveals how the op-ed demonstrates why the Left is so wrong about so many things.

“There is an article by Todd May, writing in The New York Times, that said, ‘Would the extinction of humanity be a tragedy?’ It’s important because of the way he’s thinking and why he’s wrong,” said Klavan. “In the middle of this article, he kind of flirts with some of the reasons why he’s wrong and he dithers about them for a while. But here’s the thing, every value that he’s talking about in the article — being kind, for instance — is a human value and would cease to exist without humans to notice it. The idea that consciousness is a good and suffering is a bad is a human value.”


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