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Senate Moves to Drain D.C. Swamp

Americans put Donald Trump into the White House because of his promise to drain the swamp.

Over the last three years, we’ve seen him do just that, but there’s a lot of work left.

Often he fights a one-man-battle against the tide of corruption in D.C. Rarely do we even see his own allies back his quest to end crooked Washington’s antics.

But two Republican senators are taking a stand. They just introduced legislation that could rob D.C. of one of its biggest powerplays. Read more…


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Congress Investigates California Democrat Katie Hill

It’s no secret that more than a few congresspeople break ethics rules. But this time, one California congresswoman has really crossed the line.

Even Democrats can’t ignore this one, under the circumstances.

The Congresswoman in question, Katie Hill, is actually on the ethics committee.

Her tale is hard to believe, but she has been forced to admit to at least a part of it. Read more…


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Romney Goes After Trump on Undercover Twitter Account

File this under “Utterly pathetic loser news.”

Mitt Romney let down conservative Americans when he lost to Barack Obama in 2012.

Then, instead of honorably fading into retirement, he managed to squeak into the Senate last year, kissing up to Trump for a few moments.

But it seems ol’ Mitt still hasn’t gotten over his 2012 loss.

Why? Because he seems pretty bitter towards our sitting Republican president, Donald Trump. Read more…


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Hillary’s Email Investigation is Complete

We’ve been waiting for the Hillary email results for a very long time. Well, they’re finally here.

For years, Americans have been wondering when the State Department would finish their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Citizens have also been wondering what investigators might find…

Now the wait is finally over and the results of the investigation were revealed in a letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA). Read more…


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New Impeachment Poll Sends Pelosi Scrambling

There’s a new poll out on impeachment-and it’s nothing like what the media is saying.

Mainstream media outlets (including Fox News) are claiming Americans are all on board with impeaching Donald Trump.

This contradicts every previous poll that showed the vast majority of Americans were against it.

Are we to believe that a single phone call to Ukraine would change everyone’s mind?

I don’t think so. Read more…


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Democrats Prematurely Pounced on Trump’s Chief of Staff

Democrats pounced-as they always do-prematurely when they thought Trump’s Chief of Staff gave them a new lead.

Mick Mulvaney said it was appropriate, if Trump suspended aid to Ukraine to get them to clear an investigation.

He never said that was what Trump did, he simply said that it would have been right to do.

Democrats, always eager to distort the facts, claimed this was proof of a “quid pro quo.”

But Adam Schiff and the rest of the left have a short memory. Not only did Joe Biden do the exact same thing, but it was revealed the House entire approved their own quid pro quo just a few years ago. Read more…


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Trump’s Texas Rally Makes Dems Chances to Flip Texas Plummet

President Trump will be heading to the Lone Star state for another rally-and the turnout is turning heads.

Democrats have been pumping serious cash into Texas, hoping to flip the conservative state into yet another liberal wasteland.

They almost got away with using outside cash to get Beto O’Rourke elected senator. Good thing common sense prevailed and Ted Cruz was re-elected.

Tonight, Trump will be visiting Dallas to rock the city with another historic rally. Read more…


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Warren Found Excepting Campaign Funds From 30 Billionaires

Does Elizabeth Warren know how to tell the truth? Doesn’t look like it

First she claimed she was a Native American, and that little fib got exposed. In fact, by the President himself.

Then she told everyone she was fired for being pregnant. But now we’re learning that wasn’t accurate, either.

And her latest potential lie is right here-a claim she made on Facebook that her campaign was grassroots. Read more…


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Rand Paul Demands Investigation on 3 Democrat Senators

House Democrats continue a push to impeach President Trump over a phone call with Ukraine, but what they’ve done seems so much worse.

Thanks to the release of the call’s transcript, there is no hard evidence Trump did anything wrong. He did not clearly pressure Ukraine to do anything, but they keep digging.

On the other hand, there is hard evidence that someone tried to pressure Ukraine. A letter was sent to their top prosecutor, threatening to withhold U.S. support if he didn’t obey their wishes. Read more…


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President Trump Demands Investigation on Schiff

Boy, oh boy. Adam Schiff is getting shiftier by the day. When all this impeachment talk started, Schiff claimed to have no prior knowledge of the alleged “whistleblower’s” claims.

Then we recently learned his office did have prior knowledge. In fact, the whistleblower was in communication with his office!

Even Schiff is admitting he “misspoke” about what he did or did not know about this complaint. M-hm.

As the picture becomes clear, it looks like their very reason for impeaching Trump is falling apart. Read more…