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Pelosi’s Burning House Helps President Trump

Nancy Pelosi is dealing with a train wreck involving infighting among radical freshmen and the Democratic Old Guard, a media in league with the progressive socialist agenda. If President Trump plays his cards right, it could be smooth sailing back into the White House in 2020 simply by staying the course with his Make America Great Again agenda. Accordingly, Pelosi is attempting to move the Democrats’ playbook away from a one note “impeachment” that will leave them empty-handed when it matters most: November 2020. So far, however, hardliners in her party, such as socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), are bucking marching orders. Read more…

Here’s more from PJ Media…

As soon as it became clear on election night last November that the Democrats were going to retake the House, I mentioned on the PJ Media Live Blog that it might be one of the greatest things that could happen for President Trump’s re-election.

Let’s face it, the Democrats had already been rather unhinged since Trump’s election, and they didn’t even have any ditzy bartenders from the Bronx in the mix yet. Bringing all of that crazy into the leadership forefront was going to make it difficult for even the MSM to ignore.

My thought at the time was that they would do little more than caterwaul about impeachment, which would leave the party without anything positive to run on in 2020 and do double duty by stealing Trump’s base. During the transition — before she’d been re-elected Speaker — Nancy Pelosi was trying to warn her colleagues about being the one-note impeachment party.

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