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Poll: Beto Leads in Dem White House Hunt

In the latest poll of its hard-left members, failed U.S. Senate candidate Robert O’Rourke is coming out ahead of former Obama Vice President Joe Biden for White House favorites. In his support for gun regulation and increased federal largesse, O’Rourke clocked in at 15.6 percent ahead of Biden’s 14.9 percent and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders’ 13.1 percent, but it’s an eternity until actual votes are cast, and at least 29 percent of those polled indicated they’re undecided. Read more…

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

On Tuesday, NBC News reported that a straw poll of members – grassroots far-Leftists – favored failed Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke over Joe Biden. Some 29 percent of respondents said they didn’t know who they wanted or wanted candidates not listed, but Rourke seized a narrow lead with 15.6 percent of respondents, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden at 14.9 percent and Senator Bernie Sanders at 13.1 percent.

That’s certainly a troubling sign for Sanders, who wants to recapitulate his 2016 run by recapturing the hearts of the so-called Bernie Bros. But it now looks like the Bernie Bros may have been wooed by the charismatic Texas representative, and may be turning away from the crotchety old Vermont socialist. What’s more, O’Rourke has crossover power with the two other segments of the Democratic base: the intersectional coalition that Barack Obama captured so easily in 2008, and the mainstream base that Sanders could never consolidate against Hillary Clinton.

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