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Republicans Reaching for Victory in NJ

Once regarded a safe victory for Democrats in the upcoming midterm vote, the usually blue New Jersey U.S. Senate race is now a “toss-up.” According to Real Clear Politics, incumbent Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is just two points ahead of his GOP challenger, Bob Hugin. Unlike earlier polls, the voters sampled were “likely voters” rather than just “registered voters.” RCP calls Menendez “theoretically vulnerable.” If Menendez were to lose, it would represent a massive upset for Democrats hoping to flip the Senate into their hands. So far all the numbers are pointing to a GOP gain.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Democrats hoping to take control of the Senate in November just got dealt another harsh blow. Real Clear* Politics — which keeps a running average of election polls and its own ranking of the likelihood of one party to win — has now moved the New Jersey U.S. Senate election into the “toss-up” category.

Shortly after The Daily Wire wrote an article titled “Toss-Up? New Poll Shows Republican in Dead Heat With Sen. Bob Menendez,” Real Clear put the election into its “toss-up” category.

Menendez still holds a 4-point lead over Hugin, according to the Real Clear average of just two polls, completed a month apart, but the most recent poll puts his Republican challenger, Bob Hugin, just two points behind. The latest poll also sampled likely voters, instead of registered voters, which gives it a more accurate view of the race.

While Real Clear states that Menendez is “theoretically vulnerable,” he has won previously despite his unpopularity.

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