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Sanders Once Declared Millionaires in Congress to be “Immoral”

Committed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders once upon a time campaigned against rich people representing us on Capitol Hill. In 1971, he called it “immoral” for members of Congress to be millionaires … except the sitting senator just released ten years of tax returns confirming his own millionaire status with a reported adjusted gross income of $1,062,26 in 2016 alone. Bernie defended himself to the New York Times as an exception to his own remarks, saying he “wrote a best-selling book.” Read more…

Here’s more from The Daily Caller…

Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders stated while campaigning in 1971 that it is “immoral” that members of Congress are millionaires, according to a local newspaper article uncovered by CNN’s KFile.

Sanders told the Bennington Banner, a regional daily newspaper, he believes that the millionaires who purport to represent the people actually represent the interests of “their fellow millionaires,” which he asserts are “corporations and big business.”

Interestingly, the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist released 10 years of his tax returns in April, confirming his status in the millionaire class. The disclosure reported earning an adjusted gross income of $1,062,626 in 2016, $1,131,925 in 2017 and $561,293 in 2018.

While Sanders is a frequent critic of millionaires, he defended his six-figure income to The New York Times.

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