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Second Lady Shocks Left

The anti-Christian MSM is in full throttle fake news outrage following the newsbreak that Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, will be working at Immanuel Christian School, a Christian private school upholding biblical teachings as central to its curriculum and its community. From primetime television to Twitter feeds, the Second Lady is under attack for working with such an organization that, in keeping with biblical teachings, bans openly gay teachers as well as condemns sexually immoral conduct, such as premarital sex. Such positions are likewise found in Muslim and/or Jewish private schools, but Mrs. Pence, unfortunately, is an easy target for the rabid Left making its phony and hypocritical “inclusivity” arguments to attack her while simultaneously celebrating headscarves as “progress” on the House floor.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

The Left is once again shocked to learn that the Pences are Christian. It seems they learn this fact anew every few months or so and are freshly outraged every time it dawns on them. The epiphany happened again this week when Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, got a job at a Christian private school. This has elicited many outraged headlines across the mainstream media, and many shocked and appalled tweets and so on.

Of course, the stated reason for the outrage is not that Karen Pence, a Christian, is working for Immanuel Christian School, a Christian school, but that the school bans openly gay teachers and does not admit openly gay students. It also prohibits all other forms of sexually immoral conduct, including premarital sex. Teachers are required to officially affirm the Biblical position on all of these subjects.

But there is no difference between attacking Karen Pence for working at a Christian school and attacking Karen Pence for working at a Christian school that prohibits behavior contrary to Christian teaching.

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