Sen. Ben Sasse Gives Chilling Speech: ‘The Next Charlottesville’

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse delivered some sobering observations and predications via one of his iconic social media townhalls this week which should leave us all with a moment for pause and pondering.

Sasse was rumored to be a possible third-party candidate in the presidential election after Trump’s GOP nomination, and those rumors have not subsided going into 2020.

To that end, Sasse is most often looked to for a contrasting point of view in a party that otherwise is falling in line with the White House.

In his list of observations about the post-Charlottesville future, he predicted the white supremacists are now emboldened by the events of late and by the president’s not-so-condemning remarks.

Sadly, the next event will likely prove to be a powder keg that pales Charlottesville in comparison as the Antifa/BLM left are equally emboldened and are promising that violence is legitimated by the hate from the alt-right.

Sasse’s predictions hold few positive outcomes, and we think he’s unfortunately correct.

Hold on to your hat, folks; it’s gonna be a wild ride.

Here’s more from Redstate…

On Friday night, a steady voice of reason in D.C. took to social media and shared his thoughts on what has happened in the past week.

The nation has been in an uproar since the tragedy in Charlottesville on August 12. Clarity is sorely needed. We are certainly not getting that from most of those in the mainstream media, focused on their own, flame-stoking agenda. Nor do we see much painful honesty coming from politicians, many of whom are only interested in playing the partisan game.

We certainly are not hearing what we should from thin-skinned President Trump, who has quite obviously made discussion of the situation worse with his generalities and “fine people” comments.

Thankfully, we have Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska. He is often the source of a much-needed perspective. This was again the case as he shared his thoughts on Facebook in an honest, searing, and sobering post entitled ‘The Next Charlottesville.’ In it, he is unafraid to call out the alt-right, racism, white supremacy, the president, the weak understanding about our own American past, and the lack of love for one another.


Over the last week, many Nebraskans have told me some version of this: ‎“There are lots of us here who are ‎scared about where the country is headed. I think more violence is inevitable.” That much seems obvious. Less expected was where some of them went next. One of my constituents, a fairly energetic Trump supporter and a middle-aged man, told me:
**”To be clear, I think the alt-Right are a bunch of a**holes.”‎
**”And we should admit that the President has done a bad job getting us through this.”
**But “when the next rounds of violence come, I’ll bet you most of it will come from the left.”
**”And then some folks I know will respond in kind. It’s gonna be a powder-keg.”

My wife and I work hard to have chunks of family time that are “politics-free” in our home, but we haven’t been very successful this week. A few observations from our family tabletalk:

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