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Spending Bill Just Gave Half a Billion to Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, President Trump signed history’s most bloated budget ever at a whopping 1.3 trillion price tag after threatening to veto it.

And with its passage, he and Republicans in Congress turned their backs on explicit pledges to finally defund Planned Parenthood.

Buried within the more than 2,200-page bill is funding for the nation’s largest abortion provider to the tune of half a billion bucks…your tax dollars.

And all of those greenbacks are justified with PP’s dubious claim of women’s health services like mammograms, which almost none of their hundreds of centers offer.

It’s a subsidized monopoly of death that profits their executives in the millions per year.

Planned Parenthood needs to be aborted…yesterday.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans broke their promise to conservative voters by giving Planned Parenthood approximately $500 million in taxpayer funding in the omnibus spending bill that Trump signed into law on Friday.

Trump, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders promised their voters for years that they would defund Planned Parenthood if given the chance to govern.

Now, with Republican majorities in the House and Senate and a Republican in the White House, the nation’s number one killer of unborn children will continue receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding.

Planned Parenthood receives approximately $500 million in taxpayer funding every year through Medicaid and Title X grants for family planning.

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