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Texas Advances Bill to Protect Abortion Survivors

The Texas House of Representatives voted 93 to 1 to approve the “Born Alive” act, which is now heading to the state Senate for a vote. The measure will penalize doctors who fail to provide medical care to a newborn surviving abortion. The repercussions could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and possible prison time for gross negligence. According to a Dallas Morning News report, only one Democrat voted no, and the remaining 50 Democrats voted “present.” Read more…

Here’s more from Fox News…

The Texas House of Representatives has preliminarily approved a measure that says any doctor who does not care for an infant born alive after an abortion will be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly serve prison time in cases of gross negligence, a report said.

The “Born Alive” act passed 93 to 1 mostly along party lines, the Dallas Morning News reported and will now advance to the state Senate.

Democrat Harold Dutton cast a “no” vote while 50 other Democrats voted “present, not voting.”

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