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Unlucky 7s for the Democrats?

Predictions for midterm elections are leaving the left’s “Blue Wave” hopes for November all but dashed according to the latest polls. Even a victory in gaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives is increasingly looking like a toss-up as a best-case scenario. According to a Real Clear Politics analysis, 49 senate seats are “safe,” meaning the Democrats have to win every one of the seven seats up for grabs in the upper chamber, and according to renowned pollster Nate Silver, even a +7 lead could mean failure by the Democrats to gain control of the House in November. New York Times polling reporter Nate Cohn piled on with a warning that the Kavanaugh confirmation fight appears to have significantly improved the GOP’s position with less than a month to go before ballots are cast.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

As Real Clear Politics shifts yet more Senate seats to the “safe” column for Republicans, multiple pollsters have begun to warn Democrats that even their “blue wave” in the House is losing momentum.

According to RCP’s latest average of polls, Republicans now safely have 49 seats in the Senate, which means the Democrats need to win all 7 of the seats that are considered true “toss-ups” to gain the majority in November.

That’s certainly not welcome news to Democrats, who once hoped for a “blue wave” in both chambers. To make matters worse, pollsters have begun sounding the alarm over what once seemed to be the inevitable Democrat takeover of the House.

Among the most influential of the pollsters is Nate Silver, who warned Democrats that even with a generic ballot lead of +7, Democrats could end up failing to take the House.

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