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AOC Wants to Abolish the “Racist” Electoral College

Self-proclaimed socialist New York congressional candidate Ocasio-Cortez is adding abolishing the Electoral College to her to-do list. She tweeted: “It is well past time we eliminate the Electoral College, a shadow of slavery’s power on America today that undermines our nation as a democratic republic.” Never mind its utility of preventing mob rule in a democratic republic. Apparently the “future” of the Democratic Party is only interested in 147 maximum character sound bites for policymaking in lieu of deeper thoughts, such as arguments like those in the The Federalist Papers, where the case for the Electoral College was made clear.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Though she’s poised to easily win in November, Democratic congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to make the media rounds, giving the sympathetic press “word salads” they enthusiastically devour. She’s also continuing to expand her radical platform with more radical agenda items. The latest: eliminate the Electoral College. The reason? It’s racist.

Over the weekend, “the future” of the Democratic Party announced that it was time to consign the Electoral College to the dustbin of history because it was a “relic” of America’s racist past. The confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh prompted the declaration.

GQ Magazine’s Julia Ioffe noted that “two presidents who both lost the popular vote have now placed four justices on the Supreme Court.”

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