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Federal Judge Overrules Kentucky Governor, Saying Church Services Can Restart

By now, numerous states have reopened after a month of lockdowns. But there are blue states keeping many businesses—and houses of worship—shackled.

Despite positive news concerning the virus (despite what you hear from CNN), these Democrat governors are denying Americans the right to practice their religion.

But one federal judge is dropping his gavel in favor of the faithful. And he’s knocking down the Kentucky governor’s order. Read more…


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Nany Pelosi Caught Wearing Pricey Designer Mask

Millions of Americans have been struggling to make ends meet. What has Nancy Pelosi been doing? Flaunting her wealth.

She showed off her expensive freezer and its contents: rows of gourmet ice cream. Meanwhile, she kept the House closed—as her allies keep getting paid.

And now, someone’s pointed out another way this Democrat shows off her $100 million+ net worth. Read more…


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Lindsey Graham Wrecks Mueller Case

With the release of many documents, we are learning all kinds of things about what the deep state was doing in recent years. That includes the much-discussed Mueller investigation.

New evidence is shaking the foundations of that very probe. And this time, it looks like the government is doing something about it.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is laying it all out for us.

From Fox News:

“The legal foundation for Mueller’s appointment is crumbling,” Graham said.

“Without the dossier, there is no [FISA] warrant. So they knew that the Carter Page thing was a fraud. They wanted to close the case against Flynn. Read more…


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Another Biden Accuser Comes Forward

Another day, another problem for presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The presumptive Democrat nominee recently denied the harassment claim made by Tara Reade.

…but now it looks like he’ll have to address another accuser.

Her name is Eva Murry, and she says Biden made a very inappropriate comment to her back in 2008 when she was only 14.

Murry claims Biden made a comment about her breasts being large for her age at a May 2008 political event.

Now, recent documents obtained by Fox News say Biden wasn’t even at that event…but wait, there’s more to the story. Read more…


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Michelle Obama Claims She Doesn’t Want to Be VP

Michelle Obama might be a force to be reckoned with if she was Biden’s running mate. But she has frequently denied interest in entering the race.

Would Obama change the race in Joe Biden’s favor? I guess there would only be one way to find out.

And a group of Democrats has formed a plan to pressure the former first lady to get on board.

From Washington Examiner:

A committee to draft Michelle Obama as Joe Biden’s running mate has formed and is already pushing attention to the former first lady in hopes she gets the spot. Read more…


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It Looks Like Sleepy Joe Literally Fell Asleep During Hillary Endorsement

You probably did watch o’ Hillary’s live stream when she endorsed Joe Biden. Sounds like a real snoozer, am I right?

Well, it turns out it was a big snoozer, but not just for the audience.

It seems Donald Trump Jr. watched some of the event. And he’s letting everyone know what Joe was up to as Ms. Clinton was talking.

OMG! Looks like Biden fell asleep during Crooked’s rant endorsement. He’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Yikes. During the very moment Hillary Clinton was endorsing Joe for president, it looked like Biden fell asleep! Read more…


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Trump Sideswipes “Dirty Cop Comey”

The Michael Flynn case is back in the limelight.

And this time, it seems Flynn might finally get justice … especially if the current allegations against the FBI prove true.

President Donald Trump is definitely on Flynn’s side. And he believes former FBI boss James Comey was directly involved in the incident.

Trump recently took to Twitter and blasted the “scam” against Flynn in the light of freshly released FBI files.

Those files show that top FBI officials apparently questioned their ultimate goal: was it to get Flynn to lie, so he could be prosecuted and then fired?

As for Trump, he wasted no time in going after Comey. Read more…


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South Dakota Governor Gets Deafening Parade for Refusing Lock Down

As numerous states (including red states) shut down their economies, South Dakota bucked the trend.

Their governor refused to bend to the pressure of the media, choosing to let her residents continue to work while staying safe.

You could imagine the incredible pressure Republican Gov. Kristi Noem felt. Everyone was saying we had to shut down. She took a risk and it paid off. Now, her people are thanking her. Read more…


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CA Gov. Newsom Sued By Conservative Group

Throughout the ongoing crisis, we’ve seen the states demand more and more money. And that’s had many worried.

But it’s all been needed to battle the disease, right? Maybe not. Is it a coincidence that some of the states demanding more money are run by spend-happy Democrats? Many of them were already in debt long before the virus hit.

Now, we are discovering just what Gov. Newsom of California plans to do with a big chunk of their relief money. And a conservative group is fighting back. Read more…


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Fox News Anchor Tweets on Flynn’s Case: “It Was a Total Fraud. a Set Up.”

Those who have been following the Michael Flynn case have been eagerly awaiting an update.

This early Trump ally was indicted by the FBI for allegedly lying to the agency. Although this is essentially a process crime, he was near-crucified by the government and the liberal press.

Much has happened in recent weeks, though. And we are learning that documents have come out that could clear the man’s name. And one top news anchor is calling it. Read more…