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CA Church Gets Supreme Court Appeal Request Over Lockdown

President Trump declared last Friday that churches are essential, urging our governors to allow them to reopen.

Yet it appears many states continue to lock down houses of worship. All this, despite the ongoing decline of the pandemic.

So now, a California church is taking its battle to the highest court in the land.

From Politico:

The battle over the impact of coronavirus lockdown measures on Americans’ religious observances has reached the Supreme Court as a Southern California church and its pastor made an emergency appeal for relief from executive orders issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Read more…


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Lindsey Graham Wrecks Mueller Case

With the release of many documents, we are learning all kinds of things about what the deep state was doing in recent years. That includes the much-discussed Mueller investigation.

New evidence is shaking the foundations of that very probe. And this time, it looks like the government is doing something about it.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is laying it all out for us.

From Fox News:

“The legal foundation for Mueller’s appointment is crumbling,” Graham said.

“Without the dossier, there is no [FISA] warrant. So they knew that the Carter Page thing was a fraud. They wanted to close the case against Flynn. Read more…


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Trump Sideswipes “Dirty Cop Comey”

The Michael Flynn case is back in the limelight.

And this time, it seems Flynn might finally get justice … especially if the current allegations against the FBI prove true.

President Donald Trump is definitely on Flynn’s side. And he believes former FBI boss James Comey was directly involved in the incident.

Trump recently took to Twitter and blasted the “scam” against Flynn in the light of freshly released FBI files.

Those files show that top FBI officials apparently questioned their ultimate goal: was it to get Flynn to lie, so he could be prosecuted and then fired?

As for Trump, he wasted no time in going after Comey. Read more…


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Fox News Anchor Tweets on Flynn’s Case: “It Was a Total Fraud. a Set Up.”

Those who have been following the Michael Flynn case have been eagerly awaiting an update.

This early Trump ally was indicted by the FBI for allegedly lying to the agency. Although this is essentially a process crime, he was near-crucified by the government and the liberal press.

Much has happened in recent weeks, though. And we are learning that documents have come out that could clear the man’s name. And one top news anchor is calling it. Read more…


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Supreme Court Rules 5-4 Decision On Trump’s Welfare Immigration Rule

President Donald Trump promised to make America great again. And his re-election campaign slogan is “Keep America Great.”

But in order to do that, he has to clear away many drains on our country.

Donald is getting down in the ditches and fighting a swamp that is fighting back.

The president set new rules about who can apply for a Green Card. He is fighting a growing trend where many come into the country and quickly get on tax-funded welfare. Read more…


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President Trump Hires “Star” Impeachment Team

Do Democrats think they have a slam-dunk case against Trump? They do if you ask the mainstream media.

But Americans have long ago turned on their bogus impeachment scheme. Few are willing to believe that their case holds any water.

It seems that even their own people are turning on the Democrats. Their impeachment vote in the House was wildly partisan-for yea.

Yet three Democrats refused to vote for impeachment. In fact, one of them was so disgusted, he left the party. Read more…


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Biden Admits He Would Nominate Obama For Supreme Court

For some reason, Joe Biden is defying all the odds to remain the left’s 2020 frontrunner.

Despite a checkered past, numerous gaffes and slip-ups, and a big scandal in Ukraine, Democrats can’t find anyone better.

That’s pretty sad, if you ask me. Of all the talent in the country, this is the best they can do for president.

But after all the slips that have already occurred during his campaign, this one might be the worst.

It will have independents and conservatives rushing to the polls. Just to make sure he doesn’t become president. Read more…


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2020 Candidate Calls For Democrat Charges

Democrats have decided to go ahead with their scheme to impeach Trump.

Despite having an extremely weak case, they sealed their party’s fate. They are even trying to deny the Senate their lawful right to hold a trial.

Funny how these liberals don’t think any of this will blowback on them.

They assume that Americans will sit back happily and buy into their story.

But already the winds are changing. Americans are outraged that Democrats would pull this stunt. Read more…


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In Historic Decision, Federal Judge Reverses Schiff Ruling

Adam Schiff keeps dragging out this impeachment charade. He wants to pull Trump’s top men and women into hearings.

All to squeeze information out of them.

Patriots know that Trump did nothing wrong. But top White House staff know things few others do.

Is Schiff trying to get them to talk, just to find new dirt on Trump? Is this Democrat just fishing for White House secrets (that the left can use in 2020)? Read more...


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Supreme Court Deals Major Setback to Dems Trump Investigation

Ever since Trump entered office, Democrats have been on the hunt. They seem to be looking for something, anything that they can use to take down the president.

From the Russian probe to rumors and scandals to a phone call with Ukraine, Democrats have not stopped opposing the president since day one.

And liberal courts (packed with Obama appointees) are all too happy to oblige.

Democrats have been particularly eager to get their hands on Trump’s tax returns.

They’ve even gone after his long-time accounting firm to take a look at his financial records. They sued the company, forcing them to hand over Trump’s private records to the very people who want to ruin him. Read more…