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Federal Court Drops Constitution on Democrats

It’s no secret that our Constitutional rights are daily under fire. If we don’t stand up for our values, they will be taken away from us.

That’s especially true of our First Amendment Rights. There are people across this country that seek to erode both your freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

It’s funny how these groups always attack Americans who hold to traditional values and faith. They never go after liberals or minority religions. Odd.

Recently, a court forbade two Christian schools from praying before a football game. It was a shocking violation of their rights as Americans. Read more…


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AG Barr Says Russia Probe Release is ‘Imminent’

The entire Democrat impeachment circus against Trump is really about distracting from what Democrats have been up to.

But thankfully, during the whole charade, AG Barr has been quietly doing his job of exposing them.

In fact, Barr and his bulldog, John Durham, found so much dirt, he upped the probe into a full-blown criminal investigation.

A part of that probe has been an IG report over how the government abused the FISA court to acquire a warrant against Trump’s campaign. Read more…


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Trump Brakes Record by Appointing More Judges in 3 Years

While Democrats get worked up about impeachment, they’re missing the massive changes Trump is making to our government. Change they can’t stop.

President Trump is rocking our stock market and economy. During his time in office, the stock market set ONE HUNDRED new records. Unemployment is at all-time lows.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. His biggest achievement might be in the judiciary.

Because, in just three years, he and the GOP have transformed the judiciary more than any president in the latest forty years. Read more…


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Second Democrat Aide Bites the Dust

You might remember the insane things Democrats did to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming our newest Supreme Court justice.

Finally, another member of their party is facing justice.

As the media hyped up the bogus scandals surrounding this case, Democrats tried to out any Republicans who stood with the judge.

The names and personal information of numerous Republican politicians were released. This act, called doxxing, exposed them and their families to possible threats and harm.

We discovered that two Democratic aides broke into their boss’s office to steal this information. The first one was caught and sentenced a few months ago. Read more…


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Mike Flynn Moves to Get “Orchestrated Ambush” Case Dropped

You may have forgotten about Mike Flynn. But you better believe he’s not gone.

Flynn was one of Trump’s top men at the beginning of his administration.

Then he was suddenly taken down publicly after the FBI accused him of lying during testimony.

The entire affair was used by the left to further push the Russian collusion case. But everything surrounding it seems awfully suspicious.

Flynn was a loyal ally to Trump who had a history of exposing corruption within the government. It’s not hard to wonder how or why he was taken out. Read more…


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Rand Paul Demands Investigation on 3 Democrat Senators

House Democrats continue a push to impeach President Trump over a phone call with Ukraine, but what they’ve done seems so much worse.

Thanks to the release of the call’s transcript, there is no hard evidence Trump did anything wrong. He did not clearly pressure Ukraine to do anything, but they keep digging.

On the other hand, there is hard evidence that someone tried to pressure Ukraine. A letter was sent to their top prosecutor, threatening to withhold U.S. support if he didn’t obey their wishes. Read more…


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Whistleblower’s 2020 Dem Connection Leaked

The Democrats’ impeachment push revolves around a supposed whistleblower’s complaint.

But as we learn more about this mysterious person, it looks like he’s not just a patriotic American trying to keep Trump honest.

It’s been known from the start that he’s considered a partisan. In fact, he’s a registered Democrat. His lawyers (why does he even need lawyers?) worked for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.

You have to be blind not to see he was motivated by politics to go after the president. Read more…


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Bill Barr Visits Italy, Ramps Up Investigation On Obama

Barry thought he was safe – here comes Trump’s Attorney General!

Democrats went after Trump for two years over the 2016 election-turns out, it may all have been a distraction.

We know that agencies under Obama were investigating the Trump campaign. They used a dossier full of misinformation to acquire a warrant to spy on Trump’s staff.

That alone raises questions about how the CIA and FBI conducted the investigation.

Only now, under AG Barr, is the DOJ looking for answers. Barr has tasked one of his top men to look into how the FBI and CIA invested Trump during the election. Read more…


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Kavanaugh Accuser’s an Obama Donor, Clinton Lawyer, and Kavanaugh Competitor

He thought we wouldn’t find out – got him!

You’ve probably about the new allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh almost a year after his appointment

Before the dust even settled, facts came out that showed they had no basis.

Apparently, the supposed victim was never interviewed, nor do her friends say she even remembers the incident.

So, why did this come out at all? Who is really behind this obvious attempt to smear a good man?

Turns out it’s a man from Kavanaugh’s past, with a laundry list of connections he shouldn’t get away with. Read more…


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Evidence Suggests Steele Dossier Played Role in Launching Trump Investigation

New evidence confirms once again that disgraced former FBI Director James Comey is a liar…this time thoroughly debunking Comey’s claims that the discredited Steele dossier did not launch the collusion delusion investigation of President Trump. In his memoir, “A Higher Loyalty,” Comey wrote, “The information that triggered it was the Papadopoulos information that came in late July. The FBI didn’t get any information that’s part of the so-called Steele dossier, as I understand it, until after that. And so the investigation was triggered entirely separately from the Steele dossier.” Except now the Washington Times reveals that the dossier was in hand well before the July 31 investigation launch. Read more…

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Despite earlier claims that the discredited Steele Dossier played no role in the launching of the FBI investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, an examination of available testimony by the Washington Times suggests otherwise. Based on the available evidence, it appears that Christopher Steele’s bogus allegations were, in fact, available to key players in the FBI prior to the launch of the investigation into the bogus Trump-Russia conspiracy theory—contradicting claims by former FBI Director James Comey, and former FBI general counsel James A. Baker. Comey had explicitly ruled out the possibility that the dossier had been the FBI’s possession when the investigation was launched in his memoir, “A Higher Loyalty” He wrote, “The information that triggered it was the Papadopoulos information that came in late July.