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Trump Seals “Historic” 350 Million Deal

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, President Trump has discussed moving manufacturing back to the U.S. from China. He has previously inked a deal with a Taiwanese chipmaker to build a plant in Arizona.

Now, he has secured a deal to build a stockpile of medical ingredients—to reduce the nation’s dependency on foreign pharmaceuticals:

“Seeking to secure the nation’s supply of critical medications, the Trump administration has signed a $354 million contract that would create the nation’s first strategic stockpile of key ingredients needed to make medicines,” NBC News reported. Read more….


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Pelosi Admits On Live TV, She’s Trying to Rush Through Relief Bill

Nancy Pelosi kept the House closed as she prepared a $3 trillion spending bill. The package is filled with nothing but liberal goodies and had no input from Republicans.

Naturally, a bill with such a big price tag would require serious debate, right? You can’t expect something this huge to be passed without bipartisan discussion.

If you thought that, you underestimated how far Nance would go to force her agenda. Read more…


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Pelosi Rolls Out Sprawling New 3 Trillion ‘HEROES’ Bill

Pelosi and her Democrats sat back for weeks as Americans suffered. Now, they’re back, with their biggest boondoggle yet.

House Dems crafted a new “relief” package—refusing input from a single Republican. Rumors swirled about what massive, left-wing goals this bill would cover.

Now, they have released their proposal—and it’s every you thought it would be, and worse.

From Fox News:

The House Democrats’ coronavirus relief proposal will reach about $3 trillion in new spending, amounting to the biggest and most expensive aid package yet to deal with the global pandemic. Read more…


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CA Gov. Newsom Sued By Conservative Group

Throughout the ongoing crisis, we’ve seen the states demand more and more money. And that’s had many worried.

But it’s all been needed to battle the disease, right? Maybe not. Is it a coincidence that some of the states demanding more money are run by spend-happy Democrats? Many of them were already in debt long before the virus hit.

Now, we are discovering just what Gov. Newsom of California plans to do with a big chunk of their relief money. And a conservative group is fighting back. Read more…


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Pelosi Admits She Delayed Paycheck Protection

Nancy Pelosi appeared to “fiddle” while Republicans sought to replenish the Paycheck Protection Program (also called the PPP). She and her party claimed the money wouldn’t run out.

Then it ran out.

Now even she admitted she delayed it.

From NY Post:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted to holding up the approval of an additional $250 billion for the depleted small-business loans fund, following criticism over Congress’ lack of progress. Read more…


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Trump Blames Pelosi And Schumer For Job Losses

You better believe Trump is fed up. Over a week ago he requested funds to keep small businesses alive.

Pelosi and Schumer refused. They blocked needed legislation to replenish the program. And now the job losses are piling up.

President Trump thinks 20 million unemployed is unacceptable. Now, he’s dropping the gauntlet on these do-nothing Dems.

From Twitter:

Today people started losing their jobs because of Crazy Nancy Pelosi, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, who should immediately come back to Washington and approve legislation to help families in America. End your ENDLESS VACATION! Read more…


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Major Auto Insurer is Giving Customers 600 Million Back In Premiums

Have you been hoping for some good news in this crisis? Well, it looks like many Americans just got some.

With many people working from home, people are putting far fewer miles on the roads and car accidents have gone way down.

And that means one major auto insurer is planning on returning a chunk of auto premiums to their customers.

From Reuters:

Allstate Corp (ALL.N), one of the largest U.S. auto insurers, said on Monday it would return more than $600 million in premiums to customers as many Americans drive less due to stay-at-home orders aimed at curbing the coronavirus outbreak. Read more…


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Trump Just Doubled Up On Coronavirus Help

With each passing day, the administration is enacting new measures of the coronavirus panic.

The uncertainty of this outbreak has hit our economy hard. Businesses don’t know when they can reopen.

And many employees, especially hourly workers, worry they might lose their job.

President Trump has already rolled out plans to protect small businesses during this time. But he’s taking extra steps to ensure families hit the hardest by this crisis are protected. Read more…


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Trump Tops Off Best Week Ever By Exceeding Jobs Expectations

President Trump’s week couldn’t get any better, right?

Many people on both sides are saying this is the best week of his presidency. It could be a sign of things to come in the 2020 race.

Trump won in Iowa as the Democrats collapsed. He inspired millions with his State of the Union address. The Senate acquitted him of impeachment.

Even Nancy Pelosi is losing it, ripping up speeches, snapping at reporters and turning off American voters. Read more…


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Trump Executes Food Stamp Maneuver Saving Americans Billions

Democrats didn’t think he’d go this far – so of course Donald did!

President Trump is quickly dismantling the left’s socialist dream, and they’re panicking.

What do the Democrats want? An American people controlled by the government.

They claim it’s to help those less fortunate. And who can argue over programs that provide food, clothing, housing, and even medical care?

But what they don’t say is that all their “free” programs are far from it. Government-funded handouts end up cost hard-working Americans big time. Read more…