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Schiff’s New Whistleblower Connection Falls Out

Adam thought it was buried deep – he can’t hide it now!

Do you think the bombshells about Schiff’s dirty dealings are done? Looks like they’re just getting started.

Adam Schiff has made it clear that he’s going to push forward with his impeachment crusade.

Even after his hearings were a dud. Even as public support drops. Even as few are convinced there is any evidence to back his claims.

The man claims to be unbiased, but he tried to distort the call between Trump and Ukraine with his “parody.” He lied about his interactions with the “whistleblower.” Read more…


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Video Surfaces Showing Nadler’s Thoughts on Impeachment

Jerry never thought this would see the light of day – here it comes!

The left’s impeachment push has moved from Adam Schiff’s committee to Jerry Nadler’s.

Nadler, a longtime Democrat, has been working in the D.C. swamp for decades. You might even remember that he was a representative when Bill Clinton was president.

(Kind of makes you wonder what he’s been doing all these years, as our economies suffered, huh?)

Nadler, like most Democrats back then, was very much against the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He even spoke out against it during a rally. Read more…


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In Historic Decision, Federal Judge Reverses Schiff Ruling

Adam Schiff keeps dragging out this impeachment charade. He wants to pull Trump’s top men and women into hearings.

All to squeeze information out of them.

Patriots know that Trump did nothing wrong. But top White House staff know things few others do.

Is Schiff trying to get them to talk, just to find new dirt on Trump? Is this Democrat just fishing for White House secrets (that the left can use in 2020)? Read more...


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Schiff’s Aide is Linked to Both Whistleblower and Burisma

The longer this impeachment game drags on, the more Schiff’s behind-the-seen plans are exposed.

For close to two months, Schiff has played the media to his advantage. He held closed-door meetings to prevent vital details from reaching the public.

The media spun what was coming out to be as damaging to Trump as possible.

But soon after the hearings became public, support for impeachment drops. And important facts about Schiff and his team starting coming out fast and furious. Read more…


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Devin Nunes Wants to Subpoena the DNC, Hunter Biden

Devin Nunes is leading the Republican minority in these impeachment hearings-and he’s not backing down to Adam Schiff.

All throughout this impeachment sham, Democrats have denied Republicans a fair stab at these meetings.

Schiff refuses to let Republicans request witnesses. Heck, even during hearings, he prevents them from asking questions.

But no, these hearings are not a sham, at all!

Nunes refuses to let Schiff get away with his flagrant disregard for truth and justice. In fact, he is expanding his requests. Read more…


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Graham Demands Evidence on Biden and Obama

After long last, Adam Schiff’s kangaroo court has come to an end. His impeachment hearings are over.

And we wait to see if House Democrats will impeach Trump.

Also many are eager to do so, it’s still uncertain if Democrats will seal their fate and vote to impeach.

But if they do, Republicans in the Senate are not sleeping. A trial will be held in the Senate to decide if Trump should be removed from office.

While that would be a long shot, Republicans will not pass up this opportunity to get some cold, hard facts. Read more…


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Pelosi Insults 63 Million Trump Voters

It’s no secret that her impeachment scheme is struggling. Even with all the leaks, it doesn’t look like the Democrats have produced a shred of evidence to prove Trump broke the law.

But Pelosi can’t admit defeat. In fact, she seems to be losing her grip.

On live TV, during an interview on Face the Nation, she insulted 63 million Trump voters. How?

By calling the President of the United States an imposter. Read more…


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Nadler Using Impeachment to Push Through FISA Bill

It seems that, as usual, the Democrats are trying to be sneaky. But not just over this impeachment push.

While the fake news media hypes up the impeachment hearings to no end, other House Democrats are trying to ram bills through Congress.

I guess they thought nobody would be watching them. Big mistake.

Jim Jordan called out Jerry Nalder for trying to pull the wool over America’s eyes. Read more…


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Federal Court Drops Constitution on Democrats

It’s no secret that our Constitutional rights are daily under fire. If we don’t stand up for our values, they will be taken away from us.

That’s especially true of our First Amendment Rights. There are people across this country that seek to erode both your freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

It’s funny how these groups always attack Americans who hold to traditional values and faith. They never go after liberals or minority religions. Odd.

Recently, a court forbade two Christian schools from praying before a football game. It was a shocking violation of their rights as Americans. Read more…


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Rashida Tlaib May Have Paid Herself With Campaign Funds

Check it, out America: another “Squad” member is on the hot seat.

This time it’s Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who is now under investigation by The House Ethics Committee.

We’ve heard rumblings about this investigation before, but now it appears the Committee has uncovered some very concerning details.

With such hard evidence, Tlaib might not be able to wriggle out of this one!

The announcement came straight from the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), and it’s a hard-hitting reveal. Read more…