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President Trump Launches ‘The View’ Competitor

The Trump campaign, in an effort to rival the mainstream media, has just launched a competitor to ABC’s The View.

Calling it, “The Right View,” this online show will feature popular women from Trump’s inner circle.

The campaign touted the new weekly program online Tuesday afternoon with a sizzle reel for the show, including a logo, theme song and live-audience soundtrack. Read more…


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It Looks Like Sleepy Joe Literally Fell Asleep During Hillary Endorsement

You probably did watch o’ Hillary’s live stream when she endorsed Joe Biden. Sounds like a real snoozer, am I right?

Well, it turns out it was a big snoozer, but not just for the audience.

It seems Donald Trump Jr. watched some of the event. And he’s letting everyone know what Joe was up to as Ms. Clinton was talking.

OMG! Looks like Biden fell asleep during Crooked’s rant endorsement. He’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Yikes. During the very moment Hillary Clinton was endorsing Joe for president, it looked like Biden fell asleep! Read more…


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CNN Captions Writer Loses it on Live TV

President Trump humiliated the media during his last press briefing-and it triggered a CNN employee in real-time.

CNN still wants us to believe they are unbiased news. Despite years of very negative-some might say unreliable-coverage of Trump, they claim to be a “trusted” source of information.

But when Trump pointed out how badly the media covered the pandemic early on, it must have ticked off CNN’s captions writer. Because take a look at what they wrote, on live TV. Read more…


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Governor Cuomo Puts Little Brother On the Spot Considering POTUS Run

There’s been plenty of talk about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in recent weeks.

He’s appeared on TV nearly every day with updates about his state. Unlike many other governors (and the mayor of NY), he appears to be working hard to battle this crisis.

In fact, he’s been doing such a good job—that he appears to be dwarfing Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden.

As Biden stumbles around on TV appearances, Cuomo is showing confidence and calm.

Some have even suggested Cuomo should get the nomination, not Biden.

His little brother, CNN’S Chris Cuomo, prodded the governor for an answer. Read more…


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Morning Joe Lets Biden’s Weakness Slip Out

Joe Biden might be riding high after his recent wins, but he shouldn’t celebrate just yet.

Why? Because even MSNBC’s Morning Joe had to admit, a big test is coming up soon.

Biden might have a lead on Sanders. But the race is not over yet.

And how this weekend shapes up might determine the future of all of 2020.

From Twitter:

MSNBC concedes: “If Joe Biden can’t handle the next Democratic debate, he can’t handle the debate with @realDonaldTrump.” Read more…


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CNN Sideswiped By Their Own Impeachment Poll

Pelosi’s House Democrats are charging ahead with their impeachment vote. They are convinced they will be able to remove Trump from office.

Funny, how it seems Americans no longer support impeachment. Many polls have shown impeachment is dropping among swing voters.

But whenever Democrats are confronted with things like facts, they lean on their liberal outlets to back them up.

They always seem to produce polls that oversample leftists, which give them a bump. Read more…


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Media Silent On Trumps Dominating Energy Independence

President Trump has done so much for America in recent years, it’s almost hard to keep track of it all.

We have a thriving economy, thanks to his tax and regulation cuts. He scored historic new trade deals, including replacing the toxic NAFTA with USCMA.

And that’s not even mentioning his defeat of ISIS and brand new federal court judges.

Keep in mind he’s done this with massive opposition from Democrats and the mainstream media. Read more…


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CNN Turns On Impeachment Nadler

Jerry never thought they would dare – they left him speechless!

According to most polls, Americans are getting tired of impeachment. Ask anyone you know (who’s not a far-left Democrat) and they’ll tell you the same.

On top of that, support for President Trump is rising. At the same time, impeachment-loving Democrats are quickly losing support. That includes many independent voters, people they cannot lose.

But what’s really remarkable is that, during a recent interview, a CNN reporter actually tried to hold Nadler accountable.

Shocking, I know, but miracles can happen! Read more…


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Warren Loses Her Cool On Live TV

Elizabeth Warren has caught up to Biden in recent Democratic polls – but she’s already in hot water.

At a rally yesterday a particularly brave reporter set her up with a “trick question,” if you will.

She wanted to know whether Warren would allow her imaginary future VP’s kids to serve on the board of foreign companies.

(Hint Hint: Obama let Biden’s son do this)

Well, Warren fired back a quick response, and then realized she’d fallen into the reporter’s trap. Read more…


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Warren Gets Hard-Hitting Interview by Colbert Stephen

Elizabeth Warren is getting all kinds of love from the mainstream media-but that might be coming to an end.

As she has seen her poll numbers go up, she has been enjoying the attention. It seems like some Democrats consider her a shoo-in for the nomination. Maybe a second chance to get a woman into the White House.

Thinking she’d get a nice, easy interview, she appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show. Perhaps she wanted the comedian to give her some softball questions she could knock out of the park.

Instead, the talk show host nailed her with the same question everyone has been asking. And he didn’t let her get away with the typical non-answer. Read more…