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Obama’s Closet Swings Wide Open, After Democrats Condemn Trump For Firing IGs

Democrats have been pitching fits after Trump recently fired several inspectors general.

They claim Trump is trying to “purge” people who don’t agree with him. Forgetting the fact that these men work for him in the first place.

That’s pretty ironic, considering the Obama administration’s long history of going after IGs.

From Fox News:

“Inspector generals [sic] were designed to make government honest,” Biden said, promising he wouldn’t fire any inspectors general if elected. Read more…


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President Trump Launches ‘The View’ Competitor

The Trump campaign, in an effort to rival the mainstream media, has just launched a competitor to ABC’s The View.

Calling it, “The Right View,” this online show will feature popular women from Trump’s inner circle.

The campaign touted the new weekly program online Tuesday afternoon with a sizzle reel for the show, including a logo, theme song and live-audience soundtrack. Read more…


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Ukraine Leaks Joe Biden Phone Call

It seems like details of Biden’s past keep coming back to haunt him.

He may have hoped his time dealing with Ukraine was all behind him. That the media gave up looking into his history with the country long ago.

But now a recording has been released between him and Ukraine’s former president. And it’s raising questions.

From Daily Wire:

In one of the audio clips that Derkach allegedly released dated February 18, 2016, Poroshenko appeared to tell Biden. Read more…


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Obama and Bush Just Got Topped By Trump’s Approval Rating

A new approval poll released by Gallup has Donald Trump at 49%. This is the highest approval Trump has earned from this particular poll. His approval is even higher than Bush and Obama’s from the same time during their presidencies.

Barack Obama’s rating was 47% and Bush’s was 46%.

Surprised? @realDonaldTrump approval at his Gallup ‘highest,’ better than Obama, Bush, HW Bush, Carter at this stage of the first term. Read more…


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Dems Planning for Another Paid Vacation Until July 21st, After Just Getting Back

If you ever wondered if House Democrats cared only for themselves, this won’t make you happy.

While millions of Americans are fighting to get back to work, House Democrats are coming up with excuses to extend their paid vacation—I mean, “remote work.” They can’t get much done from home.

Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest only recently returned to vote on Pelosi’s massive spending bill. But they’ve already got their eye on the clock. Read more…


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Democrat Congresswoman Turns On Biden

Joe Biden has yet to leap over the Tara Reade accusations. It appears most Democrats’ strategy has been to ignore the story, despite their promise to “believe all women.”

The left is trying to forge ahead, hoping these allegations just go away. But many Americans will not drop this story.

And it appears at least one liberal congresswoman is calling out the former VP. Read more…


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Pelosi Admits On Live TV, She’s Trying to Rush Through Relief Bill

Nancy Pelosi kept the House closed as she prepared a $3 trillion spending bill. The package is filled with nothing but liberal goodies and had no input from Republicans.

Naturally, a bill with such a big price tag would require serious debate, right? You can’t expect something this huge to be passed without bipartisan discussion.

If you thought that, you underestimated how far Nance would go to force her agenda. Read more…


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Pelosi Rolls Out Sprawling New 3 Trillion ‘HEROES’ Bill

Pelosi and her Democrats sat back for weeks as Americans suffered. Now, they’re back, with their biggest boondoggle yet.

House Dems crafted a new “relief” package—refusing input from a single Republican. Rumors swirled about what massive, left-wing goals this bill would cover.

Now, they have released their proposal—and it’s every you thought it would be, and worse.

From Fox News:

The House Democrats’ coronavirus relief proposal will reach about $3 trillion in new spending, amounting to the biggest and most expensive aid package yet to deal with the global pandemic. Read more…


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Federal Judge Overrules Kentucky Governor, Saying Church Services Can Restart

By now, numerous states have reopened after a month of lockdowns. But there are blue states keeping many businesses—and houses of worship—shackled.

Despite positive news concerning the virus (despite what you hear from CNN), these Democrat governors are denying Americans the right to practice their religion.

But one federal judge is dropping his gavel in favor of the faithful. And he’s knocking down the Kentucky governor’s order. Read more…


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Lindsey Graham Wrecks Mueller Case

With the release of many documents, we are learning all kinds of things about what the deep state was doing in recent years. That includes the much-discussed Mueller investigation.

New evidence is shaking the foundations of that very probe. And this time, it looks like the government is doing something about it.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is laying it all out for us.

From Fox News:

“The legal foundation for Mueller’s appointment is crumbling,” Graham said.

“Without the dossier, there is no [FISA] warrant. So they knew that the Carter Page thing was a fraud. They wanted to close the case against Flynn. Read more…