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AOC Suffered a Setback, Her Challenger Has Raised 1 Million

AOC thinks she’s the queen bee of the DNC, but her chickens might be coming home to roost.

She had zero political experience before running—and it showed. Her track record over the last two years has been laughable at best (Green New Deal, anyone?).

And now, it looks like history is about to repeat itself. Another political novice just might unseat the socialist for good.

From NY Post:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez challenger Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has raised $1 million in her bid to topple the lefty superstar in the June 23 Democratic primary, her campaign said Wednesday. Read more…


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CNN Captions Writer Loses it on Live TV

President Trump humiliated the media during his last press briefing-and it triggered a CNN employee in real-time.

CNN still wants us to believe they are unbiased news. Despite years of very negative-some might say unreliable-coverage of Trump, they claim to be a “trusted” source of information.

But when Trump pointed out how badly the media covered the pandemic early on, it must have ticked off CNN’s captions writer. Because take a look at what they wrote, on live TV. Read more…


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Barr Spotlights America’s Top Election Threat

With all the news focused on the pandemic, we can’t forget that we are going to the polls in November.

You might know who you’re voting for, but there’s a bigger concern: foreign governments trying to tamper with our democracy.

Democrats love to chant Russia, Russia, Russia. But according to AG Barr, there is a bigger problem child to worry about.

From Washington Examiner:

China is the greatest national security threat facing the United States, according to Attorney General William Barr. Read more…


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President Trump on 2020 Vote-By-Mail: “I Think a Lot of People Cheat”

In the middle of this difficult situation, Democrats quickly pushed for voting by mail in November 2020.

Republicans have stood against widespread mail voting and virtual voting, but would Trump reconsider because of this unique situation?

Democrats didn’t have to wait long—Trump just made his position clear. Here’s what Trump said, from RealClearPolitics:

“I think a lot of people cheat with mail-in voting,” Trump said. “I think people should vote with Voter ID. I think Voter ID is very important, and the reason they don’t want Voter ID is because they tend to cheat.” Read more…


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Ohio Democrat Lawmaker Loses it, Wants Trump Tried By Global Court

Democrats already tried to impeach Trump. Apparently now that’s not enough.

One Democrat lawmaker in Ohio, State Rep. Tavio Galonski, thinks it’s about time Trump should pay heavy consequences. For what?

For recommending a drug that’s not “conclusively proven.” And she wants a global court to put him on trial. From Fox News:

A Democratic state representative in Ohio said she “can’t take it anymore” and vowed to refer President Trump to the International Criminal Court for “crimes against humanity” over Trump’s promotion of a drug that has not been conclusively proven to fight the coronavirus. Read more…


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Governor Cuomo Puts Little Brother On the Spot Considering POTUS Run

There’s been plenty of talk about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in recent weeks.

He’s appeared on TV nearly every day with updates about his state. Unlike many other governors (and the mayor of NY), he appears to be working hard to battle this crisis.

In fact, he’s been doing such a good job—that he appears to be dwarfing Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden.

As Biden stumbles around on TV appearances, Cuomo is showing confidence and calm.

Some have even suggested Cuomo should get the nomination, not Biden.

His little brother, CNN’S Chris Cuomo, prodded the governor for an answer. Read more…


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AOC Throws Preschool Tantrum On House Floor

We’ve seen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez act like an uninformed, spoiled, and unprofessional child.

But believe us when we say this tantrum tops them all.

What AOC did even beats out the bizarre outburst from Rep. Stevens, as “craziest nonsense from the left.”

The socialist Democrat is apparently unhappy that Congress came together to help Americans.

The Senate managed to work together to pass a relief bill. What is AOC upset about?

The fact that large corporations (i.e.: companies that employ millions) are getting help. Read more…


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Biden’s Claiming Trump Rejected COVID Tests

Joe Biden is trying to appear like a leader during this crisis, and oh boy, is he failing!

He even tried to host “shadow briefings”—as if anyone cares what he has to say.

It seems Joe is trying to undermine Trump’s leadership. I’m sorry, who has the country’s top doctors and experts working with him?

It’s not Biden, that’s for sure.

Even worse than what he’s said in the past, Biden is trying to mislead Americans about Trump’s response.

And even the fact-checkers are calling him out on it. Read more…


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Clyburn (D-SC) Admits Aid Bill Delay Gives Dems Special Powers

Many of you have been watching and waiting for Congress to get its act together.

They’ve been talking about putting together a bill to provide stimulus. All so Americans stuck at home aren’t left without a paycheck.

Sounds good. But then Pelosi jumped in with a bill packed with far-left goals. Goals very few people would support, under normal circumstances.

It’s almost criminal that Democrats would use this crisis to push their radical agenda. But that’s exactly what they are doing.

In fact, a top Democrat just admitted it. Read more…


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Bill Barr Begins Coronavirus Crackdown

Americans are all struggling with the ongoing crisis. But what is making the matter worse?

How some people are responding.

Some people are panicking-shopping (good luck using your year’s supply of toilet paper).But worse than that are a select few who are hoarding life-saving medical supplies.

Even in a time of crisis, there are those who want to take advantage. We are seeing it right now in D.C.

But there is the danger that private citizens will buy up things like face masks and other supplies. Their intent? To sell it back to people at inflated prices. Read more…