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Landmark: Iowa Passes Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Ban

The Iowa legislature just passed the most aggressive abortion restriction measure in the country this week by banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

The bill’s proponents are aiming at a direct assault on Roe v. Wade in hopes of gutting its effect short of the Supreme Court overturning it.

The bill awaits a signature or veto from pro-life Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Though, if signed into law, it will almost certainly be challenged in federal court.

Regardless, the issue keeps alive the pending question concerning SCOTUS Justice Kennedy and whether rumors of his retirement this summer are accurate.

If so, it’ll undoubtedly set up the most epic nomination fight in the history of the country.

And Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Legislators in the state of Iowa have passed a bill aiming to limit the window on when a woman can have an abortion.


Iowa’s Republican-controlled legislature passed the most restrictive abortion ban in the United States on Wednesday, outlawing the procedure after a fetal heartbeat is detected, often at six weeks and before a woman realizes she is pregnant.

The Senate voted 29-17 to pass the House of Representatives-approved bill, according to the legislature’s online voting tallies. The bill now goes to Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, an abortion opponent, who has not said publicly whether she will sign it into law.

It’s indicative of how far America has gone to the dark side of the abortion issue that suggesting that a human heartbeat be considered as a sign of life and, you know, humanity needs to be passed into law.

Pro-life advocates can take some measure of comfort in the fact that state-level Republicans haven’t abandoned their cause. The GOP at the national level continues to not only include taxpayer funding for the biggest abortion mill in America — Planned Parenthood — but continues offering weak excuses as to why it has to do so.


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Program At U of Texas: Masculinity Equals Assault

For those of you born with a ‘Y’ chromosome, just accept it: you’re a big jerk. At least, that’s what the University of Texas thinks you need to know.

And if you don’t already intuitively recognize that, then the university’s new program on masculinity will surely do the trick.

The program, called ‘MasculinUT’, seeks to ‘bring more men to the table to address interpersonal violence, sexual assault and other issues.”

The message to male university students is clear: check your manhood at the door; it’s not welcome here.

Suddenly those “Keep Austin Weird” bumper stickers make perfect sense.

Here’s more from Redstate…

The University of Texas is facing ridicule after a new program called “MasculinUT” was announced in a way that insinuated it was treating masculinity as a mental health crisis.. The university has attempted to explain the program as simply an effort to “bring more men to the table to address interpersonal violence, sexual assault and other issues,” but the reality is that UT is still promoting a facetious connection between masculinity and assault and violence.

When the program was originally announced, its stated goal was to help male UT students “take control over their gender identity and develop a healthy sense of masculinity.” as PJ Media reported:

The program is predicated on a critique of so-called “restrictive masculinity.” Men, the program argues, suffer when they are told to “act like a man” or when they are encouraged to fulfill traditional gender roles, such as being “successful” or “the breadwinner.”

Though you might enjoy “taking care of people” or being “active,” MasculinUT warns that many of these attributes are actually dangerous, claiming that “traditional ideas of masculinity place men into rigid (or restrictive) boxes [which]… prevent them from developing their emotional maturity.”

“If you are a male student at UT reading this right now, we hope that learning about this helps you not to feel guilty about having participated in these definitions of masculinity, and instead feel empowered to break the cycle!” the program offers.


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Caravan Arrives: Migrants Caught Scaling the Border Fence

Remember the caravan of migrants from Honduras making its way from Central America through Mexico?

Well, they’re here.

And reports are that at least a dozen of them successfully scaled the fence near the border gate between Tijuana and San Diego as supporters on the US side cheered them on.

Mexico refused to stop the horde of 1,500 migrants, but President Trump has already ordered National Guard to the border.

Which is probably why the entire caravan hasn’t already waltzed across. As we reported previously, this could be a blessing in disguise.

There’s little better than wall-to-wall coverage of massive illegal immigration to kick up the ire of American voters in favor of a wall.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

The caravan of migrants from Central America seeking asylum in the U.S. has arrived at the border, and some people associated with the group have already been caught scaling the border fences.

“Several groups of people associated with the Central American caravan” illegally entered the U.S. “by climbing over the dilapidated scrap metal border fence on either side of the San Ysidro Port of Entry,” Rodney S. Scott, chief of the Border Patrol in the San Diego sector, which sits just north of Tijuana, told reporters Saturday.

He said the migrants included “children as young as 4 years old and in one case a pregnant female.” He called it “unconscionable that anyone would expose a child to these dangerous conditions.”

Five busloads of migrants were escorted Sunday through Tijuana to a cross-border rally near San Diego, where supporters gathered on both sides of the fence, The Associated Press reports. Images from the rally show apparent migrants from the Mexican side sitting atop the border wall proudly waving what appears to be the Honduran flag, the banner of the country from which many of the migrants are trying to flee.


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University Installs ‘Cry Closet’ For Snowflake Students

The brilliant paragons of the culturally effete in the universities across America are doing their darndest to invite a land invasion from a world power disgusted by the lack of martial vigor in America.

Not so long ago, young men were plucked from schools, factories, and fields across the country to go halfway around the world to fight and die in some of the most gruesome conditions ever known.

Now, ‘men’ of the same status in life can’t get through college finals without ‘having a good cry’.

So the Ivory Tower elites at the U of Utah have seen fit to accommodate them with an official ‘cry closet’ for those times when life just gets too hard.

Somehow demanding they ‘suck it up’, ‘grow a pair’ and ‘act like men’ just isn’t sufficient.

Perhaps two words will do: Jordan Peterson.

Here’s more from Redstate…

If students at the University of Utah are stressed out this finals season, they don’t have to deal with it like the adults they’re supposed to be preparing to be, they can just cry in the library. In fact, it’s pretty much encouraged. The school has built a special “cry closet” in the library for their breakdowns.

“Just let it all out,” university spokeswoman Jana Cunningham told a local CBS station. “Let yourself just get away from your studies for the next 10 minutes.”

KSL-TV reports Miller, a senior, created the 400-pound, stand-alone closet for students who need a “safe space sometimes, even if it’s in a very public place.”

“I think one of these should be everywhere all the time,” student Jayde Allison told KUTV while laughing. “Just its name, ‘The Cry Closet,’ is a little funny because definitely finals is a time to cry and panic.”

College is supposed to be a place to prepare students for adulthood (legally, they are adults). This is the opposite. Yes, even we adults get overwhelmed. Adults cry sometimes. We do it at appropriate times and places, we don’t expect places to be built for us to have breakdowns in public.


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Broward Deputies Vote ‘No Confidence’ On Sheriff Israel

More than a week ago we reported to you that the union representing Broward County Deputies had scheduled a vote to consider ‘no confidence’ for estranged Sheriff Scott Israel.

That vote has now been held, and the results are overwhelming.

Deputies voted 534-94 in favor of ‘no confidence’ in Sheriff Israel.

What’s more, they will formally ask that Gov. Rick Scott remove him from office for his gross incompetence both in the years leading up to the Parkland shooting and in the aftermath.

Israel routinely skirted regulations in hopes of making his department — and himself — look good.

And when things went south, he blamed everyone but himself. Now 17 people are dead as a result of his failure to protect the innocent.

Getting fired is getting off easy; Israel should be prosecuted for gross negligence.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

The deputies of Broward County have issued a stunning rebuke of Sheriff Scott Israel by voting “no confidence” in his leadership.

The deputies voted “no confidence” by a 534-94 margin and will ask Florida Governor Rick Scott to remove Israel from his position.

Sheriff Israel has faced intense scrutiny for the way he handled the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February.

Deputy Scot Peterson, the school resource officer on duty at the time of the shooting, waited outside when it was clear what was going on inside the school. It was later revealed that even after additional deputies arrived on scene, they waited behind their cars instead of entering the school and trying to eliminate the threat. The deputies were reportedly given an order to “stand down.


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Fresno State Refuses to Rebuke Despicable Leftist Prof

Recall our previous report about uber-leftist, Muslim Professor Randa Jarrar — paid by taxpayer dollars — at Fresno State University in the Left Coast People’s Republic of California. Jarrar tweeted a rather hate-filled message of joy about the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush cooing that she’s “happy the witch is dead.”

We’re entirely unsurprised to learn that Fresno State bureaucrats have swiftly decided to do precisely nothing to reprimand Jarrar for what the left would otherwise almost certainly deem ‘hate speech’ if a conservative had remarked in similar fashion about a recently decease Democrat First Lady.

As usual, it’s free speech for me, but not for thee. Reason is not a hallmark of the socialist vocation.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Well, this is maddening. It also provokes much debate over issues of protected speech and the continuing downward spiral of civil discourse in this nation.

I’m speaking of the California State University, Fresno professor, Randa Jarrar, and her hateful speech, after the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush.

We’ve discussed the loathsome Jarrar on these pages before. There’s nothing strong enough that any of us could say to adequately express the complete ugliness of who this person is, inside and out.

Jarrar was the heatless, hate-filled ghoul that responded to the news of Mrs. Bush’s death on social media in this way:

“Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal,” Jarrar wrote.

Jarrar also commented that she was “happy the witch is dead.”

So uncalled for, on every level.

Enough people were outraged that there were calls for the university to fire her. A petition gathered around 50,000 signatures, calling for her dismissal.


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Illinois County to Become ‘Sanctuary County’…For Guns

More sanctuary news in the headlines this week, but not for the reason you’d think.

Effingham County, Illinois, has had enough of the state legislature’s socialist crackdown on guns (Chicago is home to some of the most draconian gun control laws in the nation).

And now they’re taking matters into their own hands.

By a vote of 8 to 1, the county board declared that, should a spate of anti-gun laws pass through the state legislature in the coming weeks, the county will officially become a sanctuary for gun owners in which authorities will not enforce the new state laws.

Finally, some federalism and common sense in an otherwise blue state.

This could be another showdown at the OK Corral.

Here’s more from Hotair…

Out in Illinois, the state legislature has been attempting to seize on the supposed momentum for new firearms restrictions and begun passing a raft of new gun control measures. Governor Bruce Rauner has been using his veto powers in some cases, but that hasn’t slowed down the Democrats seeking new restrictions. In response to this flurry of legislative activity, the residents and elected officials of one Illinois county have come up with what some are seeing as at least a partial solution. They’ve voted to declare themselves a “sanctuary county” for gun owners if the new control measures all go into effect. (Washington Times)

An overwhelming majority of board members in Effingham County, Illinois, decided to “flip the script” this week and declare itself a “sanctuary” for gun owners.

Effingham County State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler and board member David Campbell called a barrage of gun-control bills working their way through the Illinois House and Senate a clear signal that it’s time to “take a stand.”

The men joined “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday to discuss a new Second Amendment resolution that passed along an 8-1 vote…

The resolution reads: “If the Government of the State of Illinois shall infringe upon the inalienable rights granted by the Second Amendment, Effingham County shall become a ‘sanctuary county’ for all firearms.”


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Sheriff Israel Faces No Confidence Vote from Deputies

Shamed Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has unfortunately dropped out of the headlines despite his abject incompetence and self-congratulation after the Parkland massacre.

But now he may finally receive his comeuppance.

Over the next several days, Israel is being subjected to a no-confidence vote from his deputies, which was confirmed by the president of the deputies’ union.

We’re not quite sure what might have prompted the vote.

Well, except maybe that he threw Deputy Scot Peterson, who failed to enter the school during the shooting — completely under the bus.

Oh, and there was the policy of not arresting juveniles along with the dozens of visits to the shooter’s home.

We could go on, but you get the picture.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is facing a no-confidence vote from his own deputies for his actions in the wake of the Parkland school shooting that have “crushed morale through the agency,” as the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association described it.

The February 14th shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left 17 students and teachers dead, and an additional 17 wounded. Israel has faced intense criticism for the dozens of visits to the shooter’s home that never resulted in an arrest, their policy of avoiding juvenile arrests even for serious and violent crimes, and the failure of his deputies to enter the school and engage the shooter.

Israel’s actions in the aftermath of the shooting have only raised the v0lume from his critics — his grandstanding attempts to demonize the NRA and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) at a CNN townhall, his scapegoating of his own deputies, and additional troubling reports about the shooter’s brother being arrested on campus and a BSO deputy getting caught sleeping while on duty that same day at Stoneman Douglas.


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San Diego Joins Trump Lawsuit Against CA Sanctuary

Uber-lefties at the helm in the state capitol in Sacramento are up against the wall this week as the growing cadre of cities around the state of California openly opposing the sanctuary state now includes one of the largest: San Diego.

The City Board met early this week to vote on whether to join the suit against the state brought by the Trump administration, and by a one-sided vote of 3 to 1, the deal was done.

San Diego joins at least nine of the cities along the Mexico border where incursions by illegal aliens has been most felt most acutely.

Here’s more from Mercury News…

Leaders of California’s second-largest county voted Tuesday to officially support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against the state’s so-called sanctuary law that limits police cooperation with federal immigration agents.

The decision by San Diego County’s all-Republican Board of Supervisors comes amid a growing conservative backlash in California against the Democratic governor’s stance on immigration enforcement.

The region of 3 million residents that borders Mexico joins neighboring Orange County and at least nine other Orange County cities that have passed anti-sanctuary resolutions or voted to support the lawsuit filed last month by President Donald Trump’s administration.

The board voted 3-1, with one member absent. It pledged to file an amicus brief supporting the federal lawsuit at the first available opportunity, chairwoman Kristin Gaspar said. She expects the Trump administration to win and California to appeal, at which point the county would be allowed to file its brief.


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‘Infiltration’: NY Mag Bashes Chik Fil A in NYC

These days news, satire and parody all have become one and the same, as truth and fiction are indistinguishable.

So it comes as no surprise that the New Yorker magazine, a reliably leftist iconoclast in the long-form print media, has taken to its next boogeyman: Chik Fil A.

It’s no secret that the owners of the corporation are overtly evangelical and politically conservative.

Everyone, including the corporate executive, is entitled to his opinion, even the soft-communist CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz.

But what the New Yorker laments is how Chik Fil A has the right to ‘infiltrate’ their city. The crime? They’re conservative, Christians.

So much for the First Amendment and the right of religious expression.

Here’s more from Hotair…

A little diversion for a lazy Friday afternoon on which absolutely nothing is happening news-wise. The worst part of this isn’t the casual hostility towards Christians or the fact that the author seems so much a caricature of the tedious, ostentatiously right-thinking liberal intellectual that populates the New Yorker readership that the piece plays like parody for the first few paragraphs. (It’s overwritten and his author bio notes that he lives in Brooklyn, deepening the parody suspicions.) Although both of those things are obnoxious in different ways.

The worst part is this sentence, which made me pause to pray for an asteroid to come and let our world start anew: “Its expansion raises questions about what we expect from our fast food, and to what extent a corporation can join a community.” What we expect from our fast food.

Cleanse this planet with fire.

New York has taken to Chick-fil-A. One of the Manhattan locations estimates that it sells a sandwich every six seconds, and the company has announced plans to open as many as a dozen more storefronts in the city. And yet the brand’s arrival here feels like an infiltration, in no small part because of its pervasive Christian traditionalism. Its headquarters, in Atlanta, is adorned with Bible verses and a statue of Jesus washing a disciple’s feet. Its stores close on Sundays. Its C.E.O., Dan Cathy, has been accused of bigotry for using the company’s charitable wing to fun anti-gay causes, including groups that oppose same-sex marriage. “We’re inviting God’s judgment on our nation,” he once said, “when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’ ” The company has since reaffirmed its intention to “treat every person with honor, dignity and respect,” but it has quietly continued to donate to anti-L.G.B.T. groups. When the first stand-alone New York location opened, in 2015, a throng of protesters appeared. When a location opened in a Queens mall, in 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a boycott. No such controversy greeted the opening of this newest outpost. Chick-fil-A’s success here is a marketing coup. Its expansion raises questions about what we expect from our fast food, and to what extent a corporation can join a community.