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Governor Vetoes Budget to Block Planned Parenthood Funds

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster has become the champion of pro-life conservatives this month after vowing to block the state’s budget until the legislature sends him a plan that does not include funds for Planned Parenthood. Promising to ‘keep on vetoing it’ regardless how many times legislators send him a new budget, McMaster also slammed Congress for not giving states the right to remove Planned Parenthood from their recipient rolls. He’s among the growing chorus of state leaders, particularly in the South, calling for defunding of the organization both at the state and federal level for using tax dollars to promote abortion.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

No matter how many times South Carolina lawmakers try to restore the $16 million Gov. Henry McMaster chopped from the state’s healthcare budget, the Republican governor vowed to just “keep on vetoing it.”

McMaster said he cut the money from the legislature-approved budget in July to make sure not a dime of South Carolina taxpayer money paid for Planned Parenthood abortions.

“This is the center, this is the core of it and that’s why I vetoed it. And I’ll keep on vetoing it,” McMaster said. “The veto is the most direct way to get the money going to them for family planning services, which in Planned Parenthood land means abortions.”

McMaster also promised to continue stopping state money from flowing into Planned Parenthood until the federal government permitted South Carolina to exempt the organization from the state’s Medicaid provider network.

The South Carolina Legislature reconvenes in September. Restoring the money vetoed by McMaster will be at the top of Democratic lawmakers’ agendas in advance of the November election.

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