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States Stuck in ObamaCare Medicaid Limbo

States are struggling with ObamaCare red tape and the American people needing health care are paying the price. Even state legislation to allow more coverage as part of Medicaid are subject to federal regulations, but Congress has yet to jump in the fray and do the job it was elected to do in November 2016. One of the major problems facing states is that to help low-income people get care under the current Affordable Care Act system means diving head first into a Medicaid one-size-fits-all expansion complete with burdensome federal rules and requirements. The bottom line is that Obamacare, which was narrowly passed under the auspices of getting health coverage for more people, continues to be the reason people are opting out of health coverage altogether.

Here’s more from The Daily Signal…

Recent attention to a court decision against a waiver granted to Kentucky to make work requirements part of its Medicaid program should spur congressional action on Obamacare to give states greater flexibility to help those in need.

Under the current Obamacare structure, states that want to help low-income people get care and coverage are pushed into a Medicaid expansion and hamstrung by its federal rules and requirements. This proposition is a bad deal for the states and vulnerable Americans who need access to care.

Obamacare has wreaked havoc on the individual and small group insurance markets by replacing state oversight of insurance markets with federal regulatory overreach. This has meant fewer people purchasing coverage in these markets, higher premiums for those who do, and fewer choices across the board.

But the individual market is only half the problem. The Obamacare Medicaid expansion remains a challenge for the states. Rather than offering states meaningful solutions and reforms to the Medicaid program, Obamacare simply asked states to do more, enticing them with more money. Some states accepted the proposition, but others have rejected it.

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