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The Left’s Double-Nothing Approach to Abortion

The Left’s most ardent supporters of abortion on demand have yet to realized that their “anything goes” defense of abortion is beginning to backfire. Refusing to accept Roe v. Wade (1973) as a victory, the Left continues moving the goalpost despite more modern advances in medicine that confirm life begins at conception. Legislation, like heartbeat bills, is ramping up at state levels at a rate far outpacing the Left’s ability to stop them, and with an increasingly anti-Roe Supreme Court, the Left’s days may be numbered. Read more…

Here’s more from American Thinker…

One thing the left is adept at is overreaching. Not content with a small victory, they prefer to double down, going double-or-nothing, and usually ending up closer to nothing than double. Some call this, “Perfect is the enemy of the good” and it is sage advice, whether in politics or in gambling. Pushing the Trump-Russia collusion coup is but one example of such overreach, as AG William Barr will soon demonstrate.

Abortion is the latest issue where Democrats, as well as their leftist cultural and media accomplices, have taken what is for them a solid win and are overreaching to the point that they will actually lose ground in one of their core missions of aborting as many babies as possible.

Roe v. Wade settled the abortion debate in 1973, legally although not morally, when the U.S. Supreme Court found that a right to privacy outweighed states’ rights to regulate abortion, with the ultimate compromise being a restriction on third-term abortions.

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